Dental Care with a Smile at C Street Dental

November 2020

Countryside Village RetirementNot many local businesspeople can include on their resume that he or she was a professional mascot in the NBA for seven years, but that is exactly what local dentist Devin Nelson, DMD, can do.
“I guess you can say that I have evolved from being a gorilla to a dentist,” Devin said. “You may see a couple of items throughout the office highlighting those years.”

His dental office, C Street Dental, is located at 505 NE 7th Street in Grants Pass, and it opened just last summer.

“My family and I were living in Arizona and we moved to Grants Pass to be closer to our extended family,” he said. “It has always been my goal to have my own business. I have experience in a variety of careers and have used the good and the bad to shape my business.”

Patients can walk in expecting a clean, calm, and inviting dental office.

“The colors and layout will help you forget you are even at a dental office,” Devin said. “There are TVs in each room so you can watch a movie or show while you get treatment. Kids have their own waiting room, so mom or dad can get treatment done without needing to find a babysitter. The technology in the office is the latest that dentistry has to offer. For example, if you walk in needing a crown, you can expect to walk out an hour and a half later with a permanent crown on your tooth. No more impressions or two-week wait time, and no more temporary restorations.”

As befitting a professional NBA mascot, Devin also likes to make people laugh and have fun.
“I enjoy seeing all my patients and talking with them as well as giving them a great experience at a dental office,” he said. “Few people enjoy going to the dentist, I understand that, and I have set up my dental practice to efficiently maximize treatment while minimizing appointments. I want people to have a good experience.”

The services at C Street Dental include cleanings, implants, same day crowns, veneers, bridges, root canals, dentures, fillings (no silver fillings), tooth extractions, teeth whitening, 3D X-ray, and Sure Smile Aligners (a nearly invisible alternative to metal braces). They are open Monday-Friday.

“One Friday a month, we have reserved our office for teachers, physicians, policemen, firemen, and anyone in the restaurant business to get their teeth cleaned,” Devin said. “That is our ‘thank you’ to all who continue to sacrifice so much.”

Devin is married with five children. He is involved in the community via church, Boy Scouts, sports, volunteering at local schools, president of the local dental society, and credentialed at Asante Hospital.

“We offer multiple options for high anxiety patients, including virtual reality,” Devin said. “I have a professional denturist who comes in to take care of all your denture needs. We don’t have those blaring lights attached to the dental chairs nor the strange X-ray machines in each room. Remember, dental technology has improved a lot, and I built my practice in a way to enhance patient experience. Most people with insurance aren’t utilizing the cleanings. We have openings! Get in now before the December rush.”

The phone number is 541-237-5575. You can also see them at and on Facebook.