Denturist Matt Tripp Will Make You Smile

September 2018

SmileMakers Denture and DentalWhen Matt Tripp, owner of SmileMakers Denture and Dental (850 NW 6th Street, #12), talks about his career as a denturist, all he can do is smile.

“I was born and raised in Grants Pass and served in the Marine Corps,” Matt said. “Upon my return, I worked as a deputy sheriff for six years and a city police officer for three. After having children (sons Brody and Kellen), I decided I wanted a different lifestyle that would allow me to spend as much time as possible with my boys than law enforcement would afford, so I took a huge leap of faith and entered the dental field, becoming a dental hygienist in 2009.”

Matt graduated Clark College with honors and was top of his class, earning a national award for outstanding clinician. After moving briefly to Hawaii, he returned to Grants Pass so he could raise his boys near his family. Matt opened a mobile dental hygiene business in 2011.

“I converted a shuttle bus into a mobile dental van and went to adult foster care homes to provide dental hygiene care to homebound adults,” he said. “I also partnered with a local dentist as well as UCAN and the Gospel Rescue Mission to provide free dentistry. I encountered many senior citizens who needed denture care, but there was no one doing mobile dentures. I love working with my hands so when a friend suggested I pursue a career as a denturist, I found that I already had the required education and that I could train under a local denturist without the need to relocate.”

Matt ended up training for three years as an intern until becoming a licensed denturist. He opened his own office just two months ago.

“I offer top quality dentures at nearly half the price,” he said. “I use the same high quality acrylic, and the dentures I make are the same precision, custom-fit and quality that you will find anywhere.”

Matt offers partial dentures, denture re-lines and denture repairs. “I can also provide teeth cleanings to those who have partial dentures at a significantly reduced cost,” he said. “And I partner with local dentists if extractions are needed.”

Since Matt sees the patient from the initial impression to the delivery of the final product, it allows for a higher level of customization. “As a denturist, not only am I doing the clinical work but the laboratory work as well,” he said. “There is no middle man, as I have my dental lab at my house.”

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 541-476-8338. You can also see him at smilmakers541 or on Facebook.