March 2021

Access Family MedicineWhen it comes to health care, Direct Primary Care just may be the wave of the future. Local physician Tamara Powell, M.D., certainly thinks so, and just last November she opened Access Family Medicine DPC, with an office at 1201 NE 7th Street, Suite C.

“Direct Primary Care is a subscription model where the customer pays a monthly fee (like a gym membership), and all the primary care I can accomplish for them in the practice is covered by that fee,” Dr. Powell said. “If patients have insurance (at least a major medical or ‘catastrophic’ type plan is recommended), it can be used for needs outside of primary care (specialist visits, MRIs, hospitalizations).”

In addition, the plan offers significantly reduced rates on prescription medications dispensed at the office (with no waiting in line at the pharmacy) and lab tests that can be drawn in the office.

“Patients will always see me for a visit, and at 30-60 minutes long, visits are relaxed and comprehensive,” Dr. Powell said. “Patients receive a phone/text number and an email address that come directly to me. It is also my hope to serve those without insurance coverage, which is a significant need in our community. I can also help those who have a high deductible that is rarely met but they end up paying out of pocket for office visits that may be less than convenient, rushed, or with someone who doesn’t know them. Even patients with insurance, including Medicare, appreciate that they will always see me, usually the same or next day for urgent issues, and I will always answer their inquiries. I can often save them money on reduced prices for common medications that might be less than their copays at the pharmacy.”

Dr. Powell moved to Grants Pass in 1998 after doing her Residency in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
“I moved from the East Coast to join a Christian group practice in a small town where I could deliver babies as part of being a family doctor,” she said. “I did that for ten years and was also part owner of Mountainview Family Practice for 21 years. I was excited to learn about Direct Primary Care, so I joined another DPC physician for a short time and learned how to manage this new model of practicing medicine before launching my own practice in November 2020. I am so happy to be caring personally for what the patient needs, in the manner the patient and I decide is best for them.”

Dr. Powell’s husband is a mental health therapist, and they now practice in the same office. She is also heavily involved in the community, volunteering at her children’s schools, the Josephine Community Library, Girls Rock and on the board of the Kid Zone Community Foundation (which sponsors the Kid’s Dash, just not this year).

The monthly prices are $15 for ages 0-19 (with an adult member), $55 for ages 20-49, and $75 for ages 50 and above. They are also approved to dispense Covid-19 vaccines when they become available.

For more info, call 541-450-9359. You can also see her at and on Facebook.