June 2023

Shayne McFaddenWith fire season approaching, it’s incumbent on everyone to make sure one’s house, lawn and gardens are protected from encroaching fire. Shayne McFadden, who has been working in the excavation and brush-clearing business for over 15 years, wants to make your property secure from fire and help beautify it at the same time.

“I’d been working for various companies doing irrigation, brush and blackberry removal, and other excavation jobs, and decided the time was right to move out on my own,” said Shayne, who moved to Grants Pass from Southern California 15 years ago. “I got financing for a skid-steer loader, which is a class of compact heavy equipment with lift arms that can attach to a wide variety of buckets and other labor-saving tools or attachments. We can use it to clear brush, dig trenches and dig post holes, among lots of other jobs. I also joined forces with my neighbor who has a mini excavator.”

Shayne realizes a lot of property owners are overwhelmed, and he’s there to make their lives easier. “We can create driveways on the property by clearing the space, putting down driveway fabric and finishing it off with gravel,” he said. “Blackberry removal, though, is something customers really appreciate. That is especially important during fire season, because blackberries are extremely combustible. We also do landscaping, weed whacking, grading, trenching, tree pruning, tree removals, driveway repair, French drains, rock spreading, irrigation, field moving, leaf removal, and a lot more. You don’t have to own five acres of property to take advantage of our services. We do any job, large or small, even the cleaning out of culverts.”

The installation of water tanks is also a specialty, and during periods of drought, it’s extremely helpful to have a 2,500-gallon tank handy for emergencies.

Free estimates are available by calling 541-563-DIRT (or 541-JOE-DIRT). Shayne’s Excavation & Landscaping is license and insured, and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.