March 2022

Southern Oregon CompostSpring is about to be sprung, and over at Southern Oregon Compost (5863 Lower River Road) they’re ready to assist homeowners with whatever chore needs to be done to prepare their yard and garden for a bountiful year. From compost and soil to bark and manure, they have it all, and they work overtime to provide the exact right mix for proper growth.
Owner Jeremy Crouse was born and raised in Grants Pass. After serving in the Air Force for seven years, he decided to move back to Grants Pass with his family.  
“My dad Ken was in the dairy business, and in the late 1990’s he saw a need for recycling,” Jeremy said. “The best way to use manures and yard waste was to open Southern Oregon Compost in 2000.  Working side by side with my dad, we were able to create a place in the community where recycling was cool way before it was cool.” 
All of that great compost and soil has to come from somewhere, and Southern Oregon Compost accepts yard waste from the public. It’s the perfect venue for recycling. Leaves, tree branches, grass, and all garden material is accepted. 
“We do not take rocks, dirt, trash, lumber, or any non-recyclable items,” Jeremy said. “All of the material is then grounded up and made into compost. We pride ourselves on how clean our product is.  We take extra precautions to make sure (to the best of our ability) that all of our product is clean.”
SOC basically makes two types of compost—manure compost and garden compost.  
“We sell those products individually and then also make a raised bed mix, potting soil, topsoil and a soil-less product,” Jeremy said. “We also carry a variety of barks and manure.  Customers are able to come to the business and pick up the product or we also offer delivery.”
SOC follows the certified organic regulations according to the National Organic Program (NOP) guidelines.  There’s manure compost ($40 per yard, screened to ½-inch minus); garden compost ($25 per yard, composted and screened); screened horse manure at $30 per yard; and aged dairy manure ($30 per yard).
The different soils offered are topsoil, raised bed soil, potting soil, soil-less potting mix (a blend of peat moss, pumice, compost, all-purpose and bio-live organic fertilizer to be used in small and large containers, raised beds, etc.), and pumice. 
In short, they have something for every job in your yard and garden. And of course, we can’t forget about bark mulch, which is useful for decorative landscape purposes on pathways and around trees, shrubs and flower gardens. They provide fine red bark, walk-on fir, Bark-O, and SOC mulch, all reasonable priced and delivered to your back yard.
Southern Oregon Compost is a family business.  Jeremy’s son, Kyle, is a key part of the day-to-day running of the business.  His brother Jason is responsible for the equipment.  Jeremy’s fiancé, Tracy, runs the office.  Jeremy’s mom will still help in the office when needed, and his brother Josh owns JSC Trucking, which does all the deliveries for the business.  
Phone: 541-479-7409. You can also go to