Gentle Acupuncture with Greg Doss and Donna Harris

January 2019

Gentle AcupunctureDid you know that two-thirds of the world uses acupuncture as its primary form of healthcare? At Acupuncture and Herbal Medical Center LLC, located at 910 NE D Street, Suite, 104, acupuncturists Greg Doss and Donna Harris can tell you all about it.

“I find that once people are educated about acupuncture’s benefits and ability to go to the source of disease, and often eliminate it, they will then incorporate Oriental medicine into their lives,” said Greg, who opened the Center in 1987. “When practiced successfully, acupuncture is completely safe and effective for a wide variety of ailments, including neck and back pain, arthritis, tendonitis, sciatica, asthma, digestive disorders, PMS, weight loss, and much more.”

Greg was born in Salem, Oregon, and moved to the Rogue Valley when he was twelve. He graduated from North Medford High School and after completing pre-med studies at SOSC in Ashland, he attended the Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine, receiving a bachelor’s degree in Chinese Medicine. He obtained a doctorate at SAMRA University of Oriental Medicine in Los Angeles and has been practicing in Grants Pass for 32 years.

“The motivation to do acupuncture was to help people with health challenges and to be self-employed,” Greg said. “I have been booked solid for 25 years and am now bringing in a new associate, Donna Harris, an acupuncturist from Idaho. She brings some healthy and warm enthusiasm to the practice. Like me, she treats most health challenges and specializes in eliminating pain syndromes.”

Greg specializes in NAET allergy elimination and has been quite successful in removing allergies and intolerances, whether they are from food or environmental factors.

“I have received many testimonials from people about the results of the NAET treatment,” Greg said. “I’ve witnessed a 45-year-old mentally disabled patient come out of her contracted shell and become more alive, expressive, and able to communicate in ways she never could before. Her family was very impressed.”

Greg has also seen people cleared of their anaphylactic reactions to foods or bees. “And, of course, everyday reactions to pollens, smoke or foods can be either greatly reduced or completely eliminated,” he said.

Patients at the Center will be welcomed to a comfortable, warm, healing space with beautiful Oriental artwork and quiet music playing in the background. The friendly staff and acupuncturists take pride in providing a quiet sanctuary while the acupuncture procedure happens with very little sensation.

“Clients are so comfortable that they sometimes fall asleep during the procedure,” Greg said.
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