Healthy Baked Goods at Little Miss Mary’s Bakery

July 2020

Countryside Village RetirementOver at Little Miss Mary’s Bakery (731 SW J Street), owners Carolynne and Steve Huckins have teamed up to offer some of the best homemade goodies this side of the Susquehanna.

Carolynne is originally from Annapolis, Maryland, and moved to Wyoming in 1982. Steve was born in New Castle, Wyoming, and served in the Navy from 1975-1981. Carolynne also works as a caregiver, while Steve is a mechanic. Baking, though, is their first love.

“I learned baking from my mom and have been baking cheesecakes for years,” Steve said. “Carolynne and I both love to bake, and this bakery is our dream job. We work together to make people happy.”

The shop was named after Steve’s mom, and their goal is to carry on her tradition of baking.
“We have enjoyed baking together for many years, and we decided to share our recipes and flavors for everyone to enjoy,” Carolynne said. “We are totally local, and the cheesecakes are made by hand with true cane sugar and unbleached white flour. We do custom orders for baked goods and cheesecakes.”

Little Miss Mary’s Bakery is a home-based business offering custom cheesecakes, healthy baked doughnuts, bread, coffee cakes, brownies, cookies, and lots more.

“We have a client, Lynn Riebec, who tastes everything we make before we sell it,” Carolynne said. “She is our muse. All of our homemade goodies use the best local ingredients. We love what we do, and our store is very friendly and accommodating to special orders.”

In their spare time, Steve and Carolynne love to grow a garden, go to the beach (in fact, they have a booth at the Brookings Farmer Market), read, cook BBQ, and go to thrift stores.

For more info or to place an order, call 541-816-1141. You can also see them on Facebook.