February 2021

Seans Appliance RepairLike any piece of intricate machinery, household appliances can sometimes break down. It can be nerve wracking, especially when you’re right in the middle of that third load of laundry. At Sean’s Appliance Repair, owners Sean and Jessica Vignone are there to help you get through any crisis in a timely and efficient manner.

“I am a second generation technician and have 15 years industry experience,” Sean said. “Our family previously had a repair company for 35 years before moving to the Grants Pass area. Our business is family owned and we operate out of our home in Merlin. All of our work is done in the customer’s home.”

Customers can expect same day/next day service, along with thorough diagnosing. They carry a large stock of parts in their trucks, so there’s not a whole lot of trips to the hardware store.

“We have years of hands-on experience on many of the name brand appliances,” Sean said. “We are clean, professional and on time.”

Sean and his staff are also there for advice. “Buying appliances is very hard for the consumer in today’s market, where you don’t really know what you’re actually getting with a certain brand name or type of appliance,” he said. “I am happy to give recommendations on what types and brands of appliances I would buy myself and where I would buy them from. We really do enjoy helping people with their appliance problems because we understand the inconvenience of a household appliance not working properly when needed.”

Sean was born and raised in Sonoma County, California, and Jessica was born in Washington and raised in Houston, Texas.

“We have been married for twelve years and moved here a year ago,” Sean said. “We have been coming to Grants Pass to see my grandparents my whole life, and the town has become a second home to our family. It’s great because we really enjoy the outdoor activities of hunting, fishing, and hiking.”

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 541-415-4268. You can also see them at