Keep Your Pets Happy with No Worries! Pet Service

September 2019

Countryside Village RetirementAccording to Shea Sigafoos, owner of No Worries! Pet Service, if you’re one of those pet owners who calls your pets “babies, kids, and family,” and could quite possibly love them more than your kids or significant other, or at least just as much, then you should be calling her.

“We provide personal, profe-sional, and heart-centered pet care for beloved pets and farm animals,” Shea said. “We offer a flexible schedule that makes us available when you need us. There is no waiting the next day to pick up your pet after a long weekend or vacation.”

Services include dog walking and drop-in visits at your home or farm, plus express, standard, extended, and overnight visits to fit your pets’ needs.
“All of these services include updates and pictures of your pets, as well as a free initial in-home consultation,” Shea said. “The meet-and-greet is essential to meet your pets and become familiar with your home or farm routine and discuss all useful information about your pets’ needs. At No Worries! Pet Service, we believe you should be worry-free no matter where you roam, knowing your pets are happy and safe at home.”

Shea grew up in Minnesota, and in 2015 packed her essentials into her Chevy truck with her pup Rugby, a red merle mini Australian shepherd as her co-pilot, and took off to start a new life.

“Shortly after arriving in Utah I received a call from my sister asking what I would think about moving to Oregon,” she said. “She was offered a job here and was hoping I would help care for her 4-month-old son, my nephew, while her husband stayed in Minnesota to sell their home. I didn’t hesitate and said yes. As soon as I pulled into the Rogue Valley, I knew there was something special about this place. I love all that it has to offer, from the people to the landscapes.”

Shea was raised on a hobby farm with dogs, cats, horses and goats.
“I can’t remember a time when I haven’t been surrounded by pets,” she said. “My motivation for starting No Worries! Pet Service was my own dog, Rugby. I learned that whenever I left town, he was happier at home in his familiar environment. That’s when I decided to change my career path and follow my passion for animals.”

And she definitely loves her new job. “I’d do it for free if I didn’t have to make a living,” she said, laughing. “The wagging tails and happy faces of my new ‘clients’ is proof enough that I’m in the right profession for me. I recently had a client who needed someone to watch their “special needs” dog that only took to his daddy. The owners were overwhelmed when their dog came and sat with me and then followed me around their home. They said that had never happened before, and it warmed their hearts to know that they could leave and go on a trip or even a concert without worry, knowing I would be taking loving care of their beloved pup.”

No matter the time or situation, whether it’s going out with friends after work, being stuck at the airport, having your car break down, enjoying a wedding or party, or bad weather, No Worries! Pet Care will be there for your pet.

For more information or to set up a consultation, call 541-507-7269. You can also see them at or on Facebook.