Looking Like New at Apland’s Auto Body

November 2017

Aplands Auto BodyNo matter how many candles you light at church praying that your car never gets hit, sometimes it’s just inevitable. And when fate deals you a bad hand, Apland’s Auto Body (2163 NE Spalding Avenue; and 2584 Bullock Road in Medford) is there to help. Founded in 2009 by Mike and Jodie Apland, Apland’s is a full-service body shop providing collision repair and paint for automobiles, trucks, marine vehicles and RVs.

“I was a casualty of the 2007 economic downturn,” Mike said. “When I was let go of my body shop manager position of 23 years, I had the choice of looking for another job or opening my own shop.”

His wife Jodie helped him make the decision. “We need to take care of your customers,” she told him. “It will just be under another banner now. Eight years later we have Apland’s Auto Body in two locations—Grants Pass and Medford.”
Mike is a Grants Pass native who was born here just days after his parents moved from Wyoming. Jodie is a third generation Grants Pass native, and with her kids and grandkids, it now totals five generations.

“One of the things that sets Apland’s apart is our commitment to training and equipment,” Mike said. “The new aluminum vehicle, for example. Many repairers are not aware that the manufacturer requires a repair and structural replacement procedure that is different than the original assembly. If the repairer is not trained and certified, or if they don’t have the right equipment, it’s likely the vehicle may not perform properly in a future accident.”

Apland’s also assists in the claims process. “Going through a motor vehicle accident can be traumatic,” Mike said. “Most of my customers don’t want to deal with any claims process grief. We are really good at that. Just give us your claim number and we will do the rest.”

There is also a lifetime warranty on repairs, free courtesy headlight repair/buffing (with an appointment), and free shuttle.
“We’re proud to have received Josephine County Chamber of Commerce’s award as Small Business of the Year,” Jodie said. “We also were given the Retailer of the Year award by the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce. We are not only committed to our Apland’s Auto Body families but to the Rogue Valley area businesses as well. We received so much support from our local business community when we started, and we believe in passing that forward.”

For more info, the phone number is 541-244-1457 in Grants Pass, and 541-973-2214 in Medford. You can view their webpage at aplandsautobody.com, and you can like them on Facebook.