Making Your Pet Feel at Home When You’re Away

November 2017

Home Away Pet SpaEvery time my wife and I go on vacation, we stress out about the animals. Vetting the housesitters is a major ordeal, almost like sitting through an interview with the C.I.A. Our dog, Brody, gives them the sniff test, and if they don’t treat our Mau Mau like the princess she is, it’s all over.

Which is where Home Away from Home Pet Spa, located at 100 NE Mill Street, comes in handy. Owner Sandra Mazurek has a passion for the care and training of dogs and cats and expresses this passion in her business.

“We have a 13,000 square foot, heated/AC facility which includes boarding, training and grooming services as well as hydrotherapy and pet massage,” Sandra said. “Vacationers to our area enjoy the availability of day care as well as overnight stays, with exercise in our large, fully-fenced play and potty areas. All play is supervised by our staff. Special feedings and/or medications are carefully monitored and lovingly handled by our kennel managers.”

Sandra has carefully selected her staff at Home Away from Home.

“Our staff consists of experts in the care, training and grooming of your pets,” she said. “They have been with us for years and are well known for the recognition of medical issues before they become serious. We are always there for your pets with loving attention and care. Our facility is always clean, odor free, and open for tours at all times.”

Sandra has been a resident of Grants Pass for the last 38 years and is a retired teacher at Hanby Middle School in Gold Hill. She was born in New Jersey but claims “no noticeable accent.” She also taught in the Kwajalein Marshall Islands for eight years and has experience as a veterinary tech. Her passion for dogs extends to her personal life, as her pugs Jelly Bean, Bumper and Wyatt compete nationally in agility, obedience and rally, with many wins to their credit.

Home Away from Home offers customers peace of mind. “If you care for your pet’s comfort, safety and peace of mind, we are the answer to an enjoyable vacation for both you and your pet,” Sandra said. “We are open 365 days and all holidays for your pet care and comfort.”

The business also supports community by offering free training to Shelter and Humane Society dogs and by doing Benefit Car Shows. On August 3, the show will benefit Relationship Recovery; on September 28, it’s the Search & Rescue K-9 units and Animal Shelter; and on October 26 it’s Kevlar for K-9s.

For more info, the phone number is 541-471-8775. Their website is