April 2022

Scott FregosoIf you think massages are something to get only after you’ve been working in the garden for three days, and it’s hard to even move around in bed, well … you need to think twice. According to a multitude of studies, massage can help with pain and stress relief, can increase circulation, boost immunity, improve posture and flexibility, lower blood pressure, relax muscles and mind, flush bodily toxins, rehabilitate injuries, and help regulate blood sugar levels.

Almost makes you wonder why you don’t schedule a massage every day, doesn’t it? And in that regard, massage therapist Scott Fregoso, LMT, wants to help … and it’s something he’s good at.
“I love working with my hands and making people feel better, so in 2007 I decided to go to massage school and enhance my knowledge of the art,” he said. “I had the opportunity to practice massage in the Florida Keys for three years in a five-star resort after graduating from massage therapy school. For the last 15 years, I have worked with several different medical professionals in Klamath Falls, Medford, and Grants Pass.”

Scott moved to the Rogue Valley seven years ago to help raise his son in a healthy environment. He now has two locations in Grants Pass where he practices: at Kevin Teagle Chiropractic at 1829 Nebraska Avenue, and at Shear Perfection Salon at 1457 NE 6th Street.

“I specialize in deep tissue, myofacial release, trigger points, sports massage and Swedish massage,” Scott said. “Whether my customers are looking for a therapeutic or relaxing massage, I can accommodate both. I have a good listening ear. Whether you’re suffering from fibromyalgia, chronic back or shoulder pain, lack of circulation, or just need relaxation, I’m here for you.”

Scott is reasonably priced at $70 an hour, with $45 for 30-minute sessions. For first-time clients, the first massage is only $55 an hour.