Quality RVs at Jim Clark’s Consignment Country

August 2020

Countryside Village RetirementI remember when I started the Sneak Preview back in July 1986 and went door to door for three hours every day selling ads. One of my favorite places to stop was Jim Clark’s Consignment Country, located at 1630 Rogue River Highway. Jim was a great guy with a good sense of humor, and his easy-going manner translated well with customers, who trusted him to sell their RV and/or find them the perfect vehicle to hit the road with.

The company was founded by Jim and his son Chris Clark in 1982. Sadly, Jim died in 2018, and Chris enlisted the aid of his daughter Cali Foster to help run the business.

“I was born in Long Beach and moved up to Oregon in 1974,” Chris said. “My dad wanted to move the family to the Rogue Valley and get out of the Southern California rat race and to have a better environment to raise kids. My dad worked at Lee’s Trailer Sales in town and saw the opportunity that the RV business had. He asked me to start the business with him.”

At Jim Clark’s Consignment Country, it’s all about customer service, whether buying or selling.
“We have a great reputation for selling clean, pre-owned RVs with excellent prices, all on consignment,” Chris said. “We make it easy for customers when it comes to getting their RV sold. We are a low-pressure sales lot. We let you browse the RVs at your leisure without a high-pressure salesperson following you around.”

Buyers can expect clean, pre-owned RV with prices to match, as well as good quality units.
“All of our RVs are tested before delivery and buyers get a thorough walk-through when they come to pick it up,” Chris said. “For sellers, we make everything easy, and we take care of everything—pay-offs, DMV paperwork, detailing, middle man work, etc. Our radio ads say, ‘All you’ll need to do is pick up the check!’ And it’s true.”

Cali is happy to be working with her dad.

“I was born and raised in the Valley,” she said. “I grew up on the lot coming to work with Dad, but officially got into the business in 2016 after returning from Southeast Asia.”

Chris’s son, Cash, also helps around the business. Anytime you stop by, you can possibly see the whole family around—Madi (daughter); Robyn (wife); Evyn (daughter); Cash (son); Cali (daughter); and Isaac (Cali’s husband). It’s truly a family affair.

“We help customers in any way possible,” Chris said. “We’ve even had people call and ask us questions about other RVs or their own. If we don’t end up selling the RV for someone, we will push them in the right direction, whether it be a price we think they should put on it to sell it themselves, or even giving names and phone numbers of other dealers that could possibly help them.”

For more info, call 541-476-0818. You can visit them at clarksconsignment.com and on Facebook.