Rogue Valley Mortgage LLC, Makes Smooth Transition from Rogue River Mortgage LLC

November 2020

Countryside Village RetirementThere have been some major changes at Rogue River Mortgage, LLC. The company began in 1982 under the ownership of Lynn “Coz” Costantino. His associate, DeAnne Snyder, has worked with him at the office for 29 years. “DeAnne has been a key component of the business’ success,” Lynn said. “She is well-qualified to carry on the business.”

In November 2019, DeAnne with her husband, Deron Snyder, purchased the new office building at 222 NE B Street and started a major remodel to house the growing company.

“At the end of 2019, I purchased Rogue River Mortgage, and on January 1, 2020, we opened as Rogue Valley Mortgage LLC,” DeAnne said. She and Lynn provide private money lending in the Rogue Valley.

“We work with borrowers who have unique properties or have recently gone through changes,” DeAnne said. “Those changes might include relocation, divorce, financial challenges, etc. We do many loans that conventional lenders cannot fund and close in a timely manner. We do bridge loans and make loans for unusual situations, plus properties which currently do not meet traditional underwriting criteria. We can also cross-collateralize. We like to think of ourselves as mortgage ER doctors.”

“We work with non-conforming borrowers or properties, and this allows time to qualify for a conventional refinance result,” DeAnne added. “My goal is to always make it a win-win situation. We finance for borrowers who are many times not financeable in a conventional scenario. We provide a great opportunity for investors to be secured by first-trust deeds in real estate to diversify their portfolio.”

In 2004, the office opened an affiliate business, Pacific Trust Deed Servicing Company, Inc., a collection escrow company serving all of Oregon. “The two businesses complement each other,” DeAnne said. “My daughter, Jill Flowers, is the manager and part owner of that company. Since it’s in the same building, we get to work together every day.”

DeAnne’s family moved to Grants Pass from Redding in 1977. She attended North Valley High School and then Ricks College/BYU in Idaho with their business program. Back in Grants Pass, she worked in the business office at Royale Gardens. DeAnne also has a strong background in construction that is very helpful.

For more information, the phone number is 541-476-6672. The new office is located at 222 NE B Street. You can see them at and also on Facebook.