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Theater, Arts & Music

One thing is for certain in the Rogue Valley: if you don’t want to be bored, you don’t have to wander very far to find entertainment.  We have world-class theater, a variety of music venues and every other person you meet is an artist in one form or another.
Find the entertainment you’ve been looking for.



Get to know your local business owners. Help strengthen our local economy by getting to know the folks who operate businesses here in Talent and the choice to "stay local" becomes an obvious one. So get to know a local business, and start supporting them... you never know, they could be your neighbors!

  • Gather Café Bistro and Bar

    Gather Café Bistro and Bar

    May 2021

    If you’ve been, you know that Gather Café Bistro and Bar is more than just another restaurant. For owners Sumesh Bakshi and Dimple Bakshi, owning a restaurant goes well beyond just serving food. “Our business is the business of giving people hope, love and healing through our food, care and nourishment,” said Dimple.

  • Yankee Clipper Landscaping

    Yankee Clipper Landscaping

    March 2021

    Yankee Clipper Landscaping is an all-phase landscaping company. “We have the knowledge, skills and experience to help you with all your landscaping needs,” said owner Edward Karlan. “We are there for you every step of the way, from designing your project to selecting the proper plants to complete installation.”

  • Wagner Plaza Restores Hope

    Wagner Plaza Restores Hope

    February 2021

    The corner of Main St and Talent Ave, Wagner Plaza, has been the center of Downtown Talent for years. However, when the Almeda fire happened, it shifted into a place of refuge and solace for many. Jack Latvala and Rick Harris of Star Properties, LLC are truly the heroes behind making this little corner a haven for the community.

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