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Theater, Arts & Music

One thing is for certain in the Rogue Valley: if you don’t want to be bored, you don’t have to wander very far to find entertainment.  We have world-class theater, a variety of music venues and every other person you meet is an artist in one form or another.
Find the entertainment you’ve been looking for.



Get to know your local business owners. Help strengthen our local economy by getting to know the folks who operate businesses here in Talent and the choice to "stay local" becomes an obvious one. So get to know a local business, and start supporting them... you never know, they could be your neighbors!

  • Meet Dr. Tom Messinger at Bear Creek Naturopathic Clinic

    Meet Dr. Tom Messinger at Bear Creek Naturopathic Clinic

    September 2020

    Dr. Tom, are you new to the area?
    Yes, my wife and I moved to Talent 7/2019. We had lived in Portland, OR for 13 years. We loved it there but had a strong calling to live rurally and leave the city life. It was a big decision that we did not take lightly. I had an extremely successful practice and was the director of a busy integrative clinic with 10 other doctors. I was very close with my patients. However, my life was entirely work, typically putting in 70-hour work weeks. I had a desire to bring more balance into my life in addition to helping people heal.

  • Southern Oregon Tree Care

    Southern Oregon Tree Care

    August 2020

    Willie Gingg knows trees. He grew up on an orchard, worked in the logging business, and now for the past 15 years has owned and operated Southern Oregon Tree Care, LLC.

    Starting out as a one-man crew in 2005, today Willie is the only ISA Board Certified Master Arborist in Oregon south of the Portland area.

  • Page One Press

    Page One Press

    July 2020

    If you’ve read a recent TNR, then you are certainly familiar with the name Debra Moon. In addition to being a top notch contributor to our humble small town newspaper, Debra also owns and operates Page One Press here in Talent. We recently had the opportunity to ask Debra a few questions about her career path.

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