BioSkin Opens First Retail Store in

June 2019

BioskinDowntown Medford BioSkin® is both a small, family-owned company, and a world leader in the design and manufacture of orthopedic braces and sports medicine products. Twenty-five years ago, Dean Cropper invented a breathable, lightweight, and compressive alternative to the neoprene traditionally used in braces and named it BioSkin because it fits like skin and mimics the body’s natural climate control system.

Since then, BioSkin’s products have primarily been available through orthopedic clinics, at select pharmacies, and more recently online at

In April, BioSkin opened its first direct-to-consumer store at 135 W. Main Street in Medford’s historic district. The new store marks the first time that the public will be able to directly connect with the BioSkin team to select products designed to reduce pain caused by injury, osteoarthritis, or other joint and back problems.

CEO Tanner Cropper explained: “For the past 25 years, we have been selling our braces to medical clinics who prescribe them to patients. It’s extremely rewarding for all of us to finally have the chance to connect with the people who need our products. I love it when someone walks in with a limp, finds just the right brace, and walks out with a smile.”

Although it may seem counterintuitive to open a bricks and mortar store at a time when more and more people are buying online, BioSkin is focused on offering exceptional customer service—the kind that you just can’t find online or in a large retail chain.

“When you have joint pain, it’s hard to know which bracing solution is right for you when you’re shopping online,” Tanner said. “With the store, people can come in and talk directly to one of our knowledgeable sales people and get the correct product the first time, plus people can try things on so they know exactly what they’re getting,”

He continued: “We’re really excited to work directly with consumers and the medical community in the Rogue Valley. We want doctors and clinics to know that when they send their patients to BioSkin, we’re going to help them find the best product possible to get them on the road to recovery.”

In addition to BioSkin’s premium bracing products, the store carries a diverse line of products including BioSkinFit® compression tights and clothing, KT Tape, OOFOS Recovery Sandals, Superfeet insoles, foam rollers and other products that promote a healthy, active lifestyle. Trained staff are available to help fit products and educate people about how to get the most out of them.

For more info, call 541-203-9231 or go to You can also see them on Facebook. ***