Liquid Sunshine Window Cleaning

May 2019

Liquid Sunshine Window CleaningFew cleaning projects have such a dramatic impact as window cleaning. It’s almost like your house is instantly a shiny new car you are driving off the lot.

And thanks to the state-of-the-art window cleaning system used by Virginia and Matt Anderson, owner of Liquid Sunshine Window Cleaning here in Medford, you can be assured to have this “new house” feeling every time.
“Making sure each customer gets exactly what they want whether it’s a 3-story commercial building, or the smallest little house,” Virginia said. “I’ve been told it’s hard to tell if the window is open or closed!

The couple has been in the window cleaning business exclusively since 2015.

“We were looking for a change. I worked for a grocery store as a bookkeeper for many years, but after talking to a friend and learning to clean windows a completely different way, along with a desire to do something different, we went for it!”

Liquid Sunshine exceeds expectations with their technology. “It’s less invasive, and safer. We always clean the window and screens at the same time so clean screens means cleaner windows for longer periods of time. This is especially appreciated in the rainy season. There isn’t a lot of dust and debris getting on the window if it isn’t on the screen.”
They are able to do multiple stories from ground level without lifts or ladders, and this really makes a difference with not damaging landscaping and gutters, and makes it a lot safer.

“Our customers can expect someone reliable, friendly and honest. We welcome our customers to walk around and talk about the service they received before we leave, to make sure they are happy.”

For more information please call 541-890-6436, or check out their website at