Marty’s Cycles: Helpful, Honest & Experienced

May 2018

Martys CyclesWhen Marty Hammond—owner of Marty’s Cycles—was in college he realized he wasn’t cut out for an office job. “I couldn’t sit still in class,” Marty said. “And the bike industry looked like a great opportunity.”
His interest in bikes began at an early age, working on bikes with his brother. And the history of bike interest within his family tree goes even further back. “My great grandfather was a bicycle racer in the early 1900’s, and also worked in a ‘stable’ where they maintained bicycles and automobiles.”
Marty has ridden all disciplines in the bike world, but most currently he takes advantage of the world-class mountain bike trails here in southern Oregon.
To say Marty and his staff have some experience in the bike world is a bit of an understatement. “At Marty’s you will receive helpful, honest, and informed information,” Marty said. “We have a combined 82 years of experience in riding, mechanics and sales of bicycles between three people on staff.”
And they pride themselves in offering the best personalized service. “We also ride what we sell at a high level of expertise, so we can give accurate feedback on new products. We stay in touch with current trends in bicycle technology, and we test new innovations before most of our competitors have even heard of them.
“We have a certified professional bike fitter on staff as well as my years of bike fitting expertise, for both mountain and road bikes. We also put ego aside and give customers what works for them and not what we personally prefer.”
Marty’s Cycles partners with the best bicycle companies in the business, including: Santa Cruz, Specialized, Kona, Niner, Knolly, Guerilla Gravity and Fuji. They also have state of the art electric-assist bicycles in stock made by Specialized.
And they try to keep cycling affordable for everyone but at the same time selling high quality products that give you years of enjoyment.
“Many people think bicycles are expensive, but a good quality bicycle can be had for the 400 dollar range and last 20 years! Compare that to the last pair of running shoes you may have purchased which cost near 100 dollars but last about 6 months for many people. Bicycles are still one of the most cost effective purchases that can be had for recreation, and they have become much more ergonomic and easy to ride in the last 10 years with the advances in saddles and frame geometry.
“Why waste $300 or more at a big box store for a bike that rides like a tank and is a disposable item and usually needs a tune up when they are newly purchased? At Marty’s you can purchase a bicycle with a great warranty and much better quality for the same cost.”
Another great perk at Marty’s is you can demo all of their bikes for short periods of time. This allows you to get a real feel for a bike on the trail or road. “We want our customers to ride their bikes and be happy with their purchase.”
Marty’s Cycles is located at 712 Crater Lake Avenue in Medford. Please call 541-772-9253 for more information.