June 2012

Luciano Incorporated

LucianoIncorporated“I’m not selling 99 cent burgers,” Dominic Luciano said as he and his dog, Rocky, relaxed on a large beanbag in his Medford production studio. “And I’m not just some schmuck on Craigslist. I know what I’m doing, and my work reflects that.”
Dominic is a one-man production company. From photography, videography, graphic design to music production, Luciano Incorporated has you covered. “All my life, I’ve done art,” Dominic said. “Music production is my favorite. I’ve always been a musician. It’s who I am; it can’t be taken out of me.”
Shorty after his birth, Dominic was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. As a form of physical therapy, he began playing the piano at age two. In grade school, he was classically trained for over four years; he then joined the jazz band at North Medford High School. “Classical music, for me, was too robotic and all about reading music. I consider myself a jazz musician,” Dominic said. As a freshman in 2006, Dominic won Best High School Jazz Soloist in Oregon. “After that, everyone knew me. And I was the kind of kid who always ate my lunches alone.”
In April of 2005, just six months after a massive, near-mortal brain tumor, Dominic was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis (NF) type 2. He has since had three brain surgeries. Although the surgeries had little to no effect on his body, despite taking part of his hearing in one ear, Dominic was restricted from activities that normal kids his age might participate in.
“I couldn’t play sports because they were too difficult—and dangerous. So I started to really get into music production,” Dominic said. “I got a mixing board when I was 12 years old and starting making albums. I taught myself how to sing, and started learning about photography, video production and graphic design.
“All these arts coincide for me, and I just got better and better at them,” Dominic said. “I felt like I had to do them all myself and become a one- man production company.”
And that’s what he did. Earning his GED, Dominic was accepted to college full time at the age of 15, and earned a degree in Digital Arts by age 17.
Dominic’s goal is to make his music be an inspiration to others, and eventually find better ways of helping people with NF and cancer. Having been on chemotherapy for 24 months, Dominic knows the toll treatments have on people like him.
“Not enough people know of Neurofibromatosis and the damage it does, and those who do aren’t taking enough initiative to help us. It’s my job to fix that,” Dominic said. “It’s my job to stop making this about billions of dollars annually from chemotherapy drugs and treatments. It’s my job to make this about a better, easier life for all of us. It’s my job to make this about a cure, even if I have to pay to find it with my own career. It’s something I’m willing, and very happy to do.”
In April 2012, Dominic achieved the next step in his career by opening a “bricks and mortar” storefront for his production company located
622 Crater Lake Avenue in the Shamrock Square Shopping Center.
Some of the services Luciano Incorporated offers include: $25 in-studio portraits, logo and business card design, letterheads, banners, music video production, TV commercial production and film scoring. “We’re the only business within hundreds of miles to offer all of these services and options under one roof,” Dominic said.
For more information call 541- 973-2202, or check out his website at DominicMLuciano.com.