Modern Doors and Closets Makes Extreme Makeovers Easy

October 2019

Countryside Village RetirementHanging a door is not as easy as it looks. I tried it once about 20 years ago, attempting to install a door into the rec room, and by the time I was done, it looked like something out of a prison riot. “Honey,” I said to my wife, “maybe we should call a professional.”

Today, I would know just the place—Modern Doors and Closets, with a storefront at 1904 United Way in Medford (behind Lava Lanes). Owner Ronnie Gobel, who grew up in the Rogue Valley and graduated with a bachelor’s in business from the University of Minnesota, was renting a small shop and building custom furniture, when he came across One Day Doors and Closets last November.

“I’d been searching for a franchise opportunity for years, and One Day’s process seemed amazing,” Ronnie said. “Six months after I sent my inquiry to the company and several meeting with the owners, I completed my training and the signs went up in May of this year. As a One Day authorized dealer, I have lots of great resources from their company to work with on any given day.”

The company designs and installs custom closets and measures and installs replacement interior doors.

“Our closet systems are built using 3D software,” Ronnie said. “Our customers can sit with us and go over a design, change the layout, add accessories and change colors on the fly. Once they like what they see, we simply push a button, the closet arrives a few weeks later, and is installed in just one day.”

The interior door replacement is also high tech.

“We use a digital measuring device that makes a 3D map of every door opening in a home,” he said. “The measurements are sent to a factory where the chosen design of door is cut to fit each individual opening in a home; this includes the knob, latch and hinges. Every door is painted, and the paint is thermally cured in large ovens. Once shipped back to us, we can install doors in 15 minutes each, so an entire house of doors can be installed in three or four hours.”

With Modern Doors & Closets, customers can expect a seamless process, from measuring, designing, shipping and installation of both closet and interior doors. The only thing left for them to do is tear out their old closet and possibly paint their current trim for the new doors.

The company also provides custom garage storage systems, laundry room storage, craft room storage, and home offices.

“The One Day process for interior door replacement is so amazing it was featured on four episodes of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” Ronnie said. “We have a gorgeous showroom with lots of doors and full closet systems that people can touch and feel. We like to set appointments for personalized showroom experience.”

For more info, call 541-625-1398 or visit them at They are also on Facebook at MDCmedford.