Piano With Donna

May 2021

Osteopathic HealthcareDonna Taylor opened Piano With Donna in the spring of 2020 at her home studio in East Medford. “My lessons are designed to meet each student’s unique talents and abilities,” Donna said. “I use several of the basic teaching methods, but also include the fun and familiar pieces they can relate to.”

Her studio is cleaned and sanitized for each lesson. “I’ve also had both of my covid vaccines,” Donna added.

Before moving to Southern Oregon, Donna was a very busy professional musician and teacher in Sacramento, California (where she grew up). “At age 9, I begged my mother for piano lessons, as I was constantly plunking out songs on the piano by ear. At my first lesson I was shown the C major scale, and I was fascinated by how the fingers could fly up and down the whole keyboard. I was hooked!!

“I continued my music training, playing for and singing in school and church choirs, talent shows, Broadways musicals, chorales, madrigals, et.al.” After earning a B.A. in keyboard performance, music was her full time profession as a performer and teacher. “I created several music classes for both private and public schools, along with having up to 50 private students per week.

“Since the age of 15, I was employed as church organist by many of the major church denominations, which eventually provided me with one of my most cherished memories. In 1989, as organist at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, I toured with their ‘Celebration Choir,’ performing at many of the great Catholic Cathedrals throughout France and Italy. What a joy to experience playing the organs at Notre Dame (Paris) and the Basilica of St. Peters (the Vatican in Rome) for High Mass. The highlight of this venture was singing at a private mass given by Pope John Paul II at his summer residence, where I was humbly privileged to shake his hand.

After moving to the Rogue Valley, Donna took a hiatus from music to spend time with her husband in beautiful Southern Oregon. Since his recent passing, she has enjoyed the opportunity to re-engage her love of music, and share it with students from a refreshed perspective.

“Students can learn so much about problem solving, persistence, feel-good practicing and developing technique....all the while building self esteem. The gifts of music are endless, and it all begins with a teacher who will nurture with solid guidance, encouragement, and expectations. This isn’t just a job, it’s a mutual journey with developing musicians of all ages. I look forward to every student, and helping their skills and artistry grow. Piano lessons open up a whole new world for them as they learn and explore the joys of making music!

“My full dedication to each student helps them to experience exceptional progress. I whole-heartedly advocate that the inclusion of any creative or performing art is essential to a balanced life of well-being. Play music. Listen to music. Go to concerts and performances. Sing, dance, move. ..... look and listen for music all around you! It will feed your soul, ... and touch your heart.”

For more information please call Donna at 541-840-3030.