Pretty in Paint

November 2018

Pretty in PaintPretty in Paint, the home décor boutique located at 305 N Bartlett Street, opened five years ago, and on February 9 of this year Brent and Cindy Conner became the new owners. “It was very much a God-led business transaction as I was not looking to buy a business,” Cindy explained. “My daughter and I started Barnstormer Vintage Fair in 2012. Through that we became friends with Luke and Mindy Jones who were the original owners of the store.

“When I was first asked if I wanted to buy the store I replied with an adamant ‘NO!’ In less than ten minutes I was saying, ‘wait…maybe I could.’ I had ideas about a business on our farm property but every time I thought something through it felt a lot like what Mindy was doing at Pretty in Paint. This was always my favorite store so the idea of actually owning it seemed too good to be true. I told myself I wouldn’t attempt to manipulate my husband’s opinion, if he said he wasn’t on board I would let that be the answer. When I told my daughters he was actually excited to do it they both said, ‘Mom, this is so God?’ While my husband flies an air-tanker on forest fires for a living, when it comes to business, he is not a risk taker. We were all surprised that I could stay true to the promise that I wouldn’t beg or manipulate!

“We have an amazing staff who get the meaning of customer service,” Cindy continued. “When I was first in the thinking stage of buying the store I asked my daughter Abbie if she would want to manage it. I barely got the question out before she said yes. I can’t imagine doing this without her. Besides getting to work with my daughter who is my friend, she’s focused, organized, calm and efficient, when I’m…well, none of those.

“Lynda is a happy face you see out front when she isn’t doing the shipping and receiving. She is also Mindy’s mom and she worked here for years before we came along. She’s talked me off more than one proverbial shelf. It’s such a comfort to have someone with us who knows the ropes but the best part is calling her my friend.

“Sheryl (aka Shrimp-boat) came to us from Central Oregon and comes to work every day with a smile and a genuine eagerness to please. Her happy disposition is contagious, and we especially love that she lets us hang names on her like Shrimp-boat. She is a little thing and the name just stuck. We have a large supportive family who also help out with deliveries and working shifts when we need it but the day to day is made up of these three women and me and we have very naturally morphed into what has become our Pretty in Paint family.

“We have so many customers say the store feels happy. We hope that is what hospitality feels like since we specialize in everything to make your house a home. Pretty in Paint is our happy place.”

Pretty in Paint offers furniture, unique lighting and home décor, as well as gifts, jewelry and clothing. “We have a variety of fun and lovely inventory of so many things for your home and gift giving occasions.”

They also deliver locally, have a lay away, and do limited special orders.

Pretty in Paint is located at 305 N Bartlett Street in Medford. For more information please call 541-622-8303.