West Main Furniture Now Open in The Rogue Valley Mall

July 2018

West Main FurnitrureIn April West Main Furniture moved to a new location inside the Rogue Valley Mall (lower level). The store originally opened in December 2016 across the street from Black Bird at 1803 West Main.

West Main Furniture is actually a bi-product of Dennis and Cyndi Johnson’s original business, Oregon Trail and Coin.

“I routinely make house calls for senior citizens wanting to sell their jewelry and coins who either don’t drive or like the convenience of me coming to them,” Dennis said. “About three years ago I was at a beautiful home full of lovely furniture and furnishings. After we concluded our business, the lady asked me if I was interested in anything else in the home. I explained that I really didn’t buy home furnishings and her reply shocked me. She said, ‘Then I will need call St. Vincent De Paul tomorrow and have it all hauled away.’ My response was WHY?? She explained to me that she was looking forward to moving into a senior assisted living home and had no use for anything in her home any longer. The children and grandchildren had taken what they wanted and the rest was disposable to her. Well needless to say, I ended up buying all her hardwood furniture. Literally everything in the home was a brand name item in immaculate condition. After buying a 26’ U-Haul full of furniture the realization kicked in – What in the world did I just do? What am I going to do with all this stuff? I had no choice but to start listing it on Craigslist. Within about a 10 day period I had sold every piece of furniture I bought from her and had made a nice 30% profit with very little effort.”

It was at that moment he realized there was a serious market for nice clean used furniture at affordable prices. Over the next year he bought and sold over 800 pieces on Craigslist as a private party. (And they still had nine additional 10 x 20 storage units full of furniture waiting to be sold).

“I was driving by and saw a really nice store front for lease on West Main Street across from Black Bird in December 2016 and instantly thought that would be a great spot for a small used furniture store. About two hours later, we signed the deal, had a store front and West Main Furniture was born. We were at this location for 16 months; but unfortunately, it just wasn’t big enough for the vast amount of furniture we were selling.”

In March, the Rogue Valley Mall offered them a beautiful 9,000 square foot store to expand into. “Honestly, I was very hesitant that I could actually ever fill that much space. It is one thing to buy and sell furniture, but it’s a whole different concept to fill up that much space and keep it filled on a daily basis, year around.

“On April 2 we moved into our new location. We buy and sell nice clean used furniture. If it’s solid wood, or nice quality antiques, or brand names like Thomasville, Lane, Ethan Allen, Basset, Broyhill, La-Z-Boy, Flex-Steel, we will buy it. But we don’t refinish or restore anything. Everything we buy is in excellent condition and ready for re-sell. If it needs work, we encourage them to donate it for the tax write off.”

At West Main Furniture you can expect quality furniture at a fraction of the new price. As an example, they recently sold a Bassett Bedroom set with the queen bed, temper-pedic mattress, 10 drawer dresser with mirror and a highboy chest with (2) matching night stands for $900. That set was well over $8,000 new on sale.

They also offer free delivery within five miles, and charge a nominal fee outside the area but have delivered as far as Roseburg and Klamath Falls in the past.

“In my opinion we are without a doubt the nicest used furniture store in the valley with the best deals. We have outstanding customer service, free delivery and interest free layaways for up to three months.”

They bring in new items literally every few days to keep the store full so frequent visits are the key to scoring a great deal on the piece you’re looking for. For more information please call 541-941-4262.