Contracting and Remodeling w/ Hip House

November 2023

Hip HouseFor Tyler Groover, owner of Hip House, a full service residential general contracting business in Ashland, his background in the residential construction industry started as far back as he can remember. 

“My father and grandfather were both general contractors and began acclimating me around job sites from an early age,” Tyler said. “The rule at my house growing up was if I wanted something, such as a new bike, I would need to work weekends with my dad until I saved enough to pay for half of it on my own. Over the years I was exposed to many trades in construction. A summer spent with my father-in-law learning to form and finish concrete and years of start-to-finish construction with my father have paved the way for the holistic mindset I bring to my own business.”  

Tyler’s family moved to Ashland from Cambria, California, in 1990, at the start of his third grade year. He attended Briscoe Elementary and continued on to AMS and Ashland High School, where he graduated in 2001. He attended college in Southern California and while home for Christmas one year he met his now wife Amanda, who was attending SOU.   

“Since that time Amanda and I have always lived in the Rogue Valley, and when starting our own family, we knew we wanted to settle back in Ashland,” Tyler said. “It was a clear choice because we’ve both always loved the community here, and we bought the home in Ashland where we now live in 2020.” 

In 2017 he decided to open his own business.

“The motivation to start Hip House stemmed from the passing of my father in 2012,” he said. “At the time I was studying to become a paramedic when my life was turned upside down.  Shortly after losing my dad, it felt therapeutic to be using not only the skills and knowledge passed down by someone I admired so much, but also to be actually using many of his physical tools that I inherited. As time passed I realized my passion for building and remodeling homes, building a business, and creating relationships within my community was undeniable.”

At Hip House, they take on a wide swath of projects, ranging from home repairs all the way to custom new builds.  

“With the combination of our skilled team and a trusted network of subcontractors, we feel confident that we can exceed expectations on all projects,” Tyler said. “The Hip House mission statement includes the words honesty, transparency, and superior detail, and we try to incorporate those principles into everything we do. The core of our work centers around client satisfaction and a merging of fine carpentry with distinctive results.”

Clients of Hip House can expect clear and consistent communication during all phases of their project. 

“From initial consultation, to detailed and transparent proposals, to the final finishing touches, we maintain superior communication and take pride in the way we care for those we serve,” Tyler said. “We work together to find solutions to any challenges that arise, and our team of highly skilled carpenters and office personnel approach every project with professionalism, integrity, and diligence from start to finish. We also care about our clients not just because they are clients, but because they are our neighbors with whom we share this community.”

For more info, the phone number us 541-778-4970. You can also see them on Instagram and at

“Amanda and I spend many of our weekends slowly remodeling our own home in Ashland, and it’s been an affectionate experience to begin to teach my own two sons the skills and habits taught to me by my father and grandfather,” Tyler said.