November 2021

Food with PrideYou gotta love a chef whose motto is “Keep the ego out of the kitchen and the soul in the food.” And for Noah Werthaiser, chef/owner of Food; With Pride, that is exactly where he’s coming from.
“Food; With Pride is a multi-faceted culinary center located here in Ashland (at 310 Oak Street),” Noah said. “We provide event catering, host cooking classes, and prepare fresh meal prep kits, delivered daily in Southern Oregon. Each week offers different menu selections from a vast library of recipes. We use local and organic products, always at the highest quality possible.”
Noah attended culinary school at Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island, where he learned an appreciation and respect for the “basics first” principle. He then interned at Birch restaurant in Providence, where he was taught to treat his ingredients with care.
“Ingredients were my tools and were to be afforded a high level of attention and respect,” Noah said. He has since returned to Ashland and loves making food for the community where he has spent so much of his life. “For much my early childhood, my parents owned and ran a small restaurant on the Oregon coast,” he said. “They worked from 4:00am to 7:00pm, but despite these long and tiring hours, they always made good food for their three kids at home. This fueled my desire to begin my own culinary career and, at the age of four, I created what I believed to be a mushroom soup. It consisted of water, flour, mushrooms, milk, and salt. My palate and understanding of food has certainly advanced since then, but my curiosity and creativeness remain the same. My family moved to Ashland in 2006, and I now consider it home.”
Meal preps are the heart and soul of the business. 
For meal prep, we have a simple ordering system through our website,” Noah said. “Once you’re subscribed to our mailing list, you’ll receive a new menu each week. Simply choose which days/items you’d like to order and complete the checkout process online. Your food will be prepped on the day that it’s delivered and will arrive at your doorstep with simple instructions for how to finish the meal. Most meals are ready for the table in under 20 minutes. We use all-reusable containers (eliminating takeout waste), which will be collected upon your next delivery.”
Food; With Pride offers regular cooking classes throughout the month. Current course topics include pasta, pastry, and knife skills. The class calendar is available on their website, and advanced reservations are required. They are also available for catering events of all sizes, from intimate dinners to gatherings of 150+.
“We want to reinvent the commercial, direct-mail meal kit business model by using local, organic ingredients that are always prepared fresh, and keeping a connection to the community that we love,” Noah said. “We value environmental sustainability and always strive to find ways to improve in this area. We believe that good food can and should be enjoyed by all.”
They are located at 310 Oak Street. Call 541-973-0450 for more information or go to You can also see them on Facebook and Instagram.