April 2022

The Herb ShopIt was the spring of 2014 when Gus Janeway, a winemaker at RoxyAnn Winery, decided to switch gears and open a new kind of bicycle shop, Piccadilly Cycles (525 A Street) in Ashland with his good friend Blaine Pickett. Here it is eight years later, and while Blaine died unexpectedly in December 2019, the tradition continues as Piccadilly’s sales manager, Tory Peil, and service manager, Brendon Potts, became part owners of the shop earlier this year. With a new team of owners in place, and expansion into the Piccadilly Annex already complete, Piccadilly Cycles is well positioned to meet the needs of Ashland’s thriving and energetic community for 2022 and beyond.

“Blaine brought to the business expertise in bicycle and electric bicycle technology, bike sales knowledge, and experience gained from working in several bike shops prior to launching Piccadilly,” Gus said.

“I brought a lifelong passion for cycling and some business and marketing experience to the table. Together we built the bike shop up, supported by a loan from the Small Business Administration, by focusing on each customer’s individual needs, and by bringing in a range of bikes and electric bikes which could help people overcome the barriers they face to riding a bike. For many, the answer to getting back on a bike as a solution to their transportation or fitness goals means having electric assist. And for so many in Ashland, where hills are an unavoidable part of life, a little help is all they need.”

Piccadilly Cycles is a full-service bicycle shop dedicated to encouraging and empowering anyone to find joy in riding a bicycle.

“We believe that a bike must be dependable to be fun, that a bike should last a long time and be inexpensive to service, and that both traditional and electric bikes are all part of the same big, happy family,” Gus said. “With Piccadilly now rolling into its 9th year of business, and with the community’s ever-increasing demand for professional bike service and for the kinds of bikes and electric bikes represented by the shop, the natural next step was expansion. Our second location, the Piccadilly Annex, is located a few steps away at 552 A Street, where we have been busy this winter transforming the interior of the historic 1908 John M. Easterling Building into a showroom for a range of Dutch and German-built street, adventure, mid-size and full-size cargo/family bikes.”

The vast majority of the ebikes at Piccadilly Cycles feature Bosch electric-assist drive systems that have come to define the industry standard for performance, durability and sophistication.

“Our electric bikes are sourced from Gazelle, a Dutch company that has been building bikes in the Netherlands for 130 years, and Cube, a major German company making everything from upright commuter-style bikes to trekking, mountain and high performance full-suspension bikes,” Gus said. “In addition, we are a Riese & Müller Testcenter, so that customers looking for a no-compromise electric bike can test ride before placing an order to have their bike custom built at Riese & Müller’s dedicated factory in Germany. When you see these bikes, it’s easy to understand why one might choose to wait 3-4 months for a bike to be delivered that exceeds every expectation.”

At the heart of Piccadilly Cycles is the service department.

“As with everything at Piccadilly, our focus is on the people who ride the bikes, so we work hard to communicate clearly with our many loyal service customers and to get essential work done in an efficient and cost-effective manner,” Gus said. “Our service manager, Brendon, ensures that every bike that comes in for repair or annual service is evaluated thoroughly, that the customer is well informed about the kind of work the bike needs (or doesn’t need), and that the work is completed in a manner that exceeds the customer’s expectations.”

One important new service Piccadilly is offering this spring is 24-hour service. As more and more people choose to ride a bike instead of driving a car, the need for quicker service turnaround has become evident. With this new system, a customer can keep their bike until the scheduled service date, then leave it with them to complete the work by the end of the next day.

For more information, call 541-482-9500. You can also see them at piccadillycycles.com and on Facebook and Instagram.