Take a Mystical Journey to Mystique Mish’s Psychic Boutique & Gift Shop in Ashland

June 2018

Mishs Psychic Boutique Gift ShopIf you know Ashland, you might think of hippies, open-mindedness, co-culture and free spirit. And that is exactly what Michelle Weinberg thought when she moved to the Rogue Valley five years ago.

“Looking around this magical town, I was surprised to see there wasn’t a formal place that provided elements of candles, crystals, oils, Reiki, an in-house psychic, tarot, palm reading and beautiful and esoteric items from around the word—all packed into one place.”
Michelle decided to do something about it, opening Mystique Mish’s Psychic Boutique & Gift Shop in the Ashland Shopping Center, next to the Bookwagon and around the corner from the Ashland Cinema.

“I thought here was my chance,” she said. “The store will offer beautiful items from around the world, plus some esoteric items, all packed into one place. I picked a very popular local spot in Ashland right next to the Cinema and Dutch Brothers, and just down from the Dollar Store.”
Michelle thinks her store will be a big hit in Ashland “I feel the locals of Ashland, which consist of so many unique individuals and open-minded people, will love a place catering to all different types of beliefs,” she said. “We will also have an in-house psychic, Cheri, who has 30-plus years experience in reading tarot and palm, as well as being a clairvoyant. She is in Wednesday through Saturday.”

Mystique Mish’s Psychic Boutique & Gift Shop will also incorporate classes and workshops for people who are interested in numerology, Reiki, crystal healing, learning tarot and candle energy.

“Professionals in these fields can come to teach their expertise and craft at my store having workshops after hours,” Michelle said. “The store will have a lot of different elements packed into one place, from Budhhism and Hindi to Kabbala, Reiki, pagan beliefs, Wiccan, Catholic, and Jewish. We will also have Native American items. It will be a very interesting, beautiful store with unique gifts from around the world, including candles, oils and rocks.”

The grand opening for Mystique Mish’s Psychic Boutique & Gift Shop will take place the first week of June, with interesting people on hand every day. Here is the schedule:
June 1: Acoustic jam music with Kaiah Brondo and Savannah Randall, plus crystal and Reiki vibration demos by Dana Biondo.
June 2: Song performance by Kaiah and Savannah. Lance Nevis, published author of poetic children’s books, including The Big Red Chicken, will promote his new release, The Knight.
June 4: Lead spiritual advisor Cheri: 2 palms for $10 special; 1 day only!
June 5: Navajo artist Raphael Jr. Genuine pieces in the Navajo tradition.
June 6: Dana Biondo with Reiki and crystal vibrations demos.
June 7: Original art from “Autumn.”
June 8: Lead spiritual adviser Cheri; $5 off half deck tarot reading. Dana Biondo crystal vibration demos.
For more information, the phone number at the store is 541-810-8659.