Your Car As Good As New at Anderson Auto Body & Paint

November 2018

Anderson Auto Body PaintWe never really want to take our cars into an auto body shop. After all, vehicular run-ins with solid objects large or small, moving or not, are seldom intentional. But should your vehicle have an unintentional run-in with an object, there’s no better place to take it than Anderson Auto Body & Paint, located at the north end of town at 1383 Highway 99 N.

For one, you’ll get workmanship that, more often than not, leaves the car looking better than before. Then there’s the lifetime guarantee on paint and body work. Finally, there’s the chocolate and the trees. Yep, you read that right. When your repairs are completed, you receive a lovely box of Branson’s chocolates, and Anderson donates a tree sapling to the Lomakatsi Restoration Project.

Can you think of a better way to turn lemons into lemonade? Or dents into, well, trees?

The quality of the work—and the thoughtful extra touches—are the handiwork of Dave Anderson, who opened the Ashland shop in 2000. “We’ve donated more than 1,700 trees since we started the sapling program in April of 2016,” he says.

Dave, who was born in Romania, grew up working on cars alongside his father and older brothers. He enrolled in auto repair school, training in automotive and mechanical repairs. At age 20 he joined the military, where he served 18 months before escaping the Ceausescu regime. He sought asylum in the U.S. and moved to Portland at age 23, where he rekindled his love for fixing cars.

“The first car I fixed was a 1975 Porsche 914,” he says with a huge smile. In 1985, after bringing his older brothers to America, they built their first repair shop in Portland. His next move was to Southern Oregon, where he first opened a location in Medford in 1995, then in Ashland in 2000.

“I closed the Medford shop but I’m now expanding the Ashland location,” Dave says, a necessity given his growing list of satisfied customers. “Our customers can expect to be treated with respect, honesty and kindness. We hold our technicians to very high standards so we can provide a high quality, honest repair.”

Dave enjoys returning vehicles to what he says is “a pre-collision state or better in most cases.” All paint and body work is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Oh, and if the great repair work, box of chocolates and tree planting aren’t enough, Anderson Auto Body also returns your car sparkling clean, washed and vacuumed.

For more information, call 541-488-3635. You can also see them on Facebook or at