Consigning and Selling at Automania LLC

June 2018

Automania LLCTed Holman and Automania LLC are celebrating 38 years in business this year. The warehouse facility, located at 895 SE Gladiola Drive, “consigns and sells interesting motorcycles and specialty vehicles” and is almost like walking through a museum of unique and incredible-looking vehicles.

“We look after the disposition of vehicles, avoiding the uncertainties and potentially unsavory individuals involved in showing and selling,” Ted said. “We display, promote and sell the vehicles, plus safeguard their interests by taking care of all necessary DMV transfer documentation.”

If there’s a lien holder involved, Automania also handles payoffs without creating more stress for the seller.
“Our role is to facilitate the safe and legal transfer of property to a new owner, relieving the seller of the headaches and exposure that can occur during the process,” he said. “Eighty percent of our completed sales generate from out of state or out of country. On a regular occasion, we work with estates dealing with the prized possessions of a departed family member, making a potentially overwhelming task easy.”

Ted’s first visit to Grants Pass was in 1971 when he stopped by for lunch while heading to school at Lewis & Clark College in Portland. After graduating, he returned to visit a friend in Takelma and loved it so much he packed up and moved to the valley.

“Chopping firewood in Takelma for two years did not show a future, so I moved to Grants Pass in 1980,” Ted said. “My family felt my talents were not being exploited, and a loan was made available to open Automania Import Parts on Rogue River Highway that year.”

Motorcycles are one of Ted’s passions. For years he would take off on extended bike trips, even getting stuck in Chiapas, Mexico, one year. “The only reason I got home was because my parents finally sent $200 for fuel and food so I could be home for the holidays,” he said.

For the last 28 years, he has also been an instructor for CLASS Motorcycle Schools, offering advanced street riding instruction at race track facilities for students riding their own motorcycles. “I’m pretty clear about operating safely and effectively,” he said.

Automania is always in the market for interesting vehicles to sell. As a licensed appraiser for the State of Oregon, Ted can offer replacement and market value appraisals for series production vehicles.

“We have a vision that there should be no gray areas in either consigning or selling,” Ted said. “There should be trust and no misunderstandings. That is resolved through clear communication and respect. The sale is only complete when both seller and buyer have what they have agreed to.”

For more info, the phone number is 541-479-8888. You can also see them at or visit them on Facebook.