Quality Construction at Holder Homes LLC

June 2018

Holder Homes LLCFor the last two weeks I’ve been looking out my office window watching carpenters build an elaborate mother-in-law unit in the backyard. It’s an extraordinary process, and my hat is off to builders who can meticulously put together beautiful structures from scratch.

You can add Lance Holder at Holder Homes LLC to that list. Lance has lived in the Rogue Valley for 41 years, and his family has been involved in real estate development since the 1950s. He founded Holder Homes in 1993.

“I have been blessed to be exposed to real estate development all my life, working hands-on in all phases of construction throughout the years,” Lance said. “From the time I was 18, I worked with super talented craftsmen who took the time to teach me the right way to build. I am motivated daily to innovate, change, and grow.”

Lance accepts responsibility for doing his projects the right way. “I make sure to the best of my ability to honor the land and space I am developing and building, not only for the customer but the community and future to come,” he said. “We’ve made a difference in a lot of neighborhoods, and I am proud of that. We are also blessed with some of the most professional and thoughtful subcontractors in the area, who work daily to provide quality and value to our projects.”

Holder Homes specializes in custom homes, commercial projects, tenant improvement, and remodel projects. They have experience purchasing, developing, and building both large and small projects in rural and urban areas.

“Our customers can expect to have long-term value and quality in the investment of their home,” Lance said. “Fortunately, we have been in business long enough to see several projects we built 12-plus years ago come up for sale recently, and they are a true testament to the quality and workmanship that went into the homes.”
Holder Homes offers attention to detail, great relationships with the City and County, years of experience, quality and timely craftsmen, and a professional atmosphere to their jobs. Lance and his wife Jody are also active supporters of youth programs in Southern Oregon.

“Creating from the ground up is very rewarding and so is remodeling something old and dysfunctional into a safe, clean, energy-efficient and beautiful space for a family to enjoy,” Lance said. “The equity that grows with a Holder Homes project is a strong investment.”

For more info, the phone number is 541-474-6828, and you can see them at holderhomesllc.com.