Solving Sleep Apnea at Angellift Dental Center

April 2018

Jim HalesDr. Jim (Jimmie) Hales, DDS, of Angellift Dental Center (781 NE 7th, Suite B) knows a little bit about teeth. He has worked in the dental field for 53 years after graduating from Washington University (Saint Louis) Dental School in 1965. His practice in Grants Pass offers the full range of dentistry, including cleaning, bridges, crowns, dentures, root canal therapy, and wisdom teeth extraction.

“When you come in every six months for your regular dental exam and cleaning, we will help make recommendations for how to keep your teeth and mouth in great health,” Dr. Hales said. “Thanks to advanced dental technology, your regular exam can help identify serious problems like oral cancer much earlier.”

One area of expertise that Dr. Hales has embraced is a treatment for sleep apnea, a medical condition that causes the patient to stop breathing during sleep due to obstructions in the airway. It can be life threatening, and the loud, disruptive snoring can interfere with the peace and mind of loved ones. It also affects children with attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD).

“It’s estimated that 75% of Americans have undiagnosed sleep apnea,” Dr. Hales said. “We are able to provide expert treatment by using modern oral appliances, which are similar to a retainer or mouth guard, that keep your airway open while you sleep.”

One method of dealing with sleep apnea has been the CPAP machine, in which a cumbersome mask is placed over the person’s head at night. While it has shown to be somewhat effective, it is also unattractive, causes sores, and is uncomfortable. Dr. Hales, and the rest of the dental community, have found that using Oral Appliance Therapy can be equal and sometimes better than the CPAP mask.

One hurdle holding back the acceptance of Oral Compliance Therapy is the inability to prove effectiveness compared with the CPAP. And in that regard, Dr. Hales is proud to announce that the playing field has been leveled now that the FDA has cleared the use of the Braebon DentiTrac micro-recorder into the design.

The recorder, which is about the size of a fingernail, is embedded into the oral appliance, and its tiny CPU measures temperature change, time, and positional changes via a triple axis accelerometer. This remarkable device enables the doctor to record valuable information to prove its effectiveness.

If you have sleep apnea issues and/or problems with snoring, you’ll want to give Angellift Dental Center a call. The phone number is 541-474-1100, or You can also like them on Facebook.