Twelve Years and Counting for Apland’s Auto Body

October 2020

Countryside Village RetirementMike and Jodie Apland of Apland’s Auto Body (2163 NE Spalding Avenue in Grants Pass and 2584 Bullock Road in Medford) are celebrating twelve years in business.

Mike and Jodie were both born and raised in Grants Pass and know what it means to live community minded: both having lived in Grants Pass for over 50 years. Jodie is generation number three to be born and raised here, and their grandchildren are now 5th generation Grants Pass.

“I started doing bodywork while still in high school,” Mike said. “I paid my way through college by working at a Southern California body shop. After I returned to Grants Pass, I worked in a local body shop for 23 years. When the economy crashed in 2009 is when plans changed. With one kid in college and two in high school, I didn’t want to take a job that would take me away from family, so I made the decision to start Apland’s Auto Body.”

Apland’s is a family and community minded business. “We care about our customers as if they are neighbors,” Mike said. “After an accident we are usually one of the first phone calls. We strive to create a seamless experience for customers. We can arrange tow, rental car, and help customers with the claim process.

Repairing cars back to the original equipment manufacturer standards is one more way Apland’s is taking care of our community. Your vehicle can look beautiful after a repair but is your car safe? That’s why Apland’s invests in technician training and always updating our software and equipment to make sure you and your family are safe.”

Upon arrival, one can be sure that his or her immediate needs are met first. From getting help understanding the claim process, arranging for a rental car or simply a ride home, Apland’s is there for you.

“Once your vehicle has arrived at one of our facilities for repairs, we will dismantle and inspect for any hidden damage,” Mike said. “We will send a blueprinted estimate and pictures documenting what’s needed to properly repair your vehicle to your insurance company. Apland’s then handles all communications with the insurance company so you can go about your busy life knowing your repair is taken care of. Once completed, we will get all the paperwork in order and give you a call. Car delivered. Like it never happened.”

Apland’s has been featured twice in Fender Bender Magazine and was also awarded Retailer of the Year in Medford and Small Business of the Year in Grants Pass by the Chamber of Commerce.

For more info, call 541-244-1457. You can also see them at and on Facebook.