Be Well Massage

January 2018

Be Well MassageLanelle Piotrowski, owner of Be Well Massage, 408 Crater Lake Avenue, has lived here in the Rogue Valley for 16 years. “Growing up in the small town of Port Angeles, Washington, I really wanted to expand my horizons,” Lanelle said. “At 19, I moved to North Rim, Arizona to live and work at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and from there moved to Phoenix, Arizona. While there was something special and beautiful about the desert, I’m a Northwest girl at heart and missed rivers, trees and the mountains.”

Southern Oregon was the perfect fit and after living here for a few years she went to Ashland Institute of Massage to pursue her dream of being a massage therapist.

“I grew up massaging my mom’s neck and back and many of my friends and fellow students in high school. It was just something that I naturally did and didn’t even think about it as a career until I got older and realized that I wanted to work for myself.”

Another event factoring in to her career choice was an auto accident when she was a teenager where she injured her neck significantly. “After the accident, I started having cluster migraines that were debilitating. Receiving chiropractic was a help, but it wasn’t until I started getting very deep, specific therapeutic work on my neck that the migraines went away.”
After seeing how much her life had improved from massage therapy, she knew that’s what she was meant to do as well. She has been licensed and practicing in the Rogue Valley for over 12 years now. And for the last eight years she’s placed among the top massage therapists in the Sneak Preview’s Best of Medford Survey. “I’d like to say ‘thank you Medford’ for voting for me again this year!”

“Our goal is to help clients feel better by working toward improving health, mobility, flexibility and peace of mind for every single person who comes to see us,” Lanelle explained. “We also strive to teach clients how to continue to feel better in their everyday lives through stretching, breathing and exercises specifically designed for each individual.”

Be Well Massage also offers Craniosacral Therapy, Elongation Massage, MFR and they bill for Motor Vehicle Accidents.
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