Julek’s Polish Kitchen

December 2018

Juleks Polish Kitchen fThis Christmas Eve consider celebrating Wigilia with Bogusia and staff at Julek’s Polish Kitchen. “Our sixth annual Wigilia is coming up, and we are so excited! Wigilia is the biggest night of the year in Poland, and we love sharing our family’s traditions with all of you here in Oregon,” Bogusia said. “To honor the old tradition, we combine all of our tables, so that strangers, friends and families alike come together and share this evening hand in hand with laughter, friendship and live music. The feast features a variety of prepared fish and vegetarian specialties. Many of these courses are only made for the Wigilia supper, to keep their authenticity and specialness never ending. Twelve courses range from appetizers to entrees to desserts, and you are sure to leave well-fed and satisfied when the wonderful feast comes to an end.”

Seating and drinks for Wigilia begins on Monday, December 24 at 5pm, with supper being served at 6pm. Reservation deadline is December 17.

Before you go to Wigilia, please take a moment to read about Bogusia and the path that led a girl from Poland to open a restaurant here in Talent.

How long you’ve lived in Talent and what brought you here?
I moved from Poland to Ashland in 1989. Our family lived in Ashland until 2010, when we decided to move to the lovely small town of Talent.

What’s your background in this type of business, and what motivated you to open the business or follow this career?
My father, Julek, would always chat about how wonderful it would be to have a place where new and old friends, neighbors, and strangers alike could gather to enjoy a hearty, healthy meal. At home, we would always host an array of friends and family on holidays, and prepare each course from scratch. I remember cooking together in our tiny kitchen, my mother assigning tasks for my sister and I to complete. My father would watch us in awe at how fluidly we would prepare each course and I believe this is what contributed to his larger “restaurant” vision, beyond the confines of our small vintage stove and oven. He saw the passion for food I did not know I had back then.

Along the country side, outside my hometown of Darłowo, lived my great-aunt (from my mother’s side). Her name was Aniela. She had a beautiful farmstead with numerous rows of vegetables, fruit-filled trees and bushes, flowers scattered about and of course chickens and goats, all living happily with her as their caretaker. Her passion for farming, harvesting, pickling, and preserving was inspiring, and I spent most of my summers biking to her farm for the day, helping her and spending time with her, dreading the day I had to return to school. This is primarily where I learned how much time and passion it takes to grow REAL food from scratch. There is actually a painting of her farmstead in our restaurant!

Describe your business:
Julek’s is not a typical restaurant, my goal was to make it a place similar to what my father had envisioned: a kitchen where everyone is welcome to come enjoy a fresh, homemade meal created with passion and love.
Julek’s is strictly NON-GMO. We use organic ingredients; meats that are grass fed, free range, and never treated with hormones or antibiotics. Basically, I only use ingredients that I would use at home to feed my family. Because I prepare each menu item to order, it does take time. So please relax and enjoy yourself while you are here. Have a drink, an appetizer, appreciate your company, and dinner will be out before you know it.
What can customers expect?

An atmosphere that seats both special occasions and casual after-work attire. Julek’s is like our home-our dining room. We want everyone to leave with a happy belly, and a smile on their face! We offer vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options as well; just give us a call to inquire what we are offering that week!

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Julek’s is located at 160 North Pacific Hwy, Suite #4 here in Talent.
For more information please call 541-897-4444 or visit Julekspolishkitchen.com