Tim Whitmire Painting

December 2015

Tim Whitmire PaintingIn 2013, after 20 years working in a cubicle as a Social/Clinical Research Specialist, Tim Whitmire decided to take an early retirement, pack his bags and, along with his wife, Behnaz, move to Talent from the Research Triangle of North Carolina.
“We selected the Rogue Valley for its natural beauty, outdoor recreational opportunities, and affordability as semi-retired professionals,” Tim said. “After familiarizing ourselves with the many areas of the Valley we chose Talent because it has the charm and friendly nature of a small town, but still keeps us in reach of a wide range of cultural amenities that are only found in larger cities. So, we purchased an old home on Talent Avenue in May of 2014 and spent a number of months renovating it. We’ve completed renovations and are very comfortable with our home. We plan to live out our lives here.”
With his new life in Talent, Tim has also started a new career. And although new to painting as a profession, Tim has many years of painting experience. “As a teen, I was a huge help to my father, a restaurant owner and landlord. I earned a generous and regular allowance by applying fresh coats of paint to the restaurant interior and rental units.” Tim continued. “After completion of high school I joined the US Navy. Like most sailors aboard a ship, I spent a lot of time painting. So much so that during a period of ‘dry dock’ I was given the responsibility of leading a team to spray much of the ship’s interior. After completing my tour of service, I returned to my family’s home in Alabama and enrolled at a local university. Each summer, my brother and I teamed up to paint houses to help pay for college expenses. I gained a reputation among clients, friends and family for the quality of my work.
“After college, I entered graduate school, married, and Behnaz and I reared two children. As a sociologist, I gained employment as a Social/Clinical Research Specialist and, as such, spent most of my work days in front of a computer. To maintain a balanced life, I enjoyed a home life spent with a paint brush, roller, hammer and gardening tools. As the years passed, I became increasingly tired of the demands of research and so I chose an early retirement. Once I left the cubicle I never looked back. Since I started painting in Talent I have experienced a great amount of enjoyment meeting people, spending my days taking in the spectacular views of the Rogue Valley and gaining satisfaction from making changes with paint that make people happier with their homes.”
As a licensed (CCB # 206786), insured, and bonded contractor, Tim provides painting services for residential and small commercial buildings. “My current and future clients can expect a fair and competitive bid, a very high work performance and great finished product. I approach every job as a custom job. Just as no two houses are alike, no two paint jobs are alike. I give each home or commercial building the care and attention it requires so that the finished product looks its best.
Tim is also proud of bringing his clients many years of experience as a professional. This means he’s always on time, uses the highest quality products, pays close attention to detail, provides a written guarantee, and a high quality service.
“I’m one of the few painters around who does most, if not all of the work by roller and brush,” Tim said. “I respect spray work, but I feel I can provide a slightly better result for my clients by painting interiors and exteriors by hand. It takes a little longer than spray, but I feel the extra time is worth it in many cases.”
Tim also takes on small jobs for half days at an hourly rate on Saturdays or Sundays. “I find this is a great way for me to come into a home or business, work very efficiently for a few hours, and clear out so that my work doesn’t interfere with too much of my client’s weekend. The ‘Small Job Saturdays,’ I suppose they could be called, prevent small projects from getting squeezed out by the bigger jobs. Clients shouldn’t worry if a project can be squeezed into a few hours. The quality of a job comes first. I can always come back the following Saturday!”
For more information you can reach Tim at 541-727-8623.