Meet the New Owners of Barking Beauty Parlor

November 2016

BarkingBeauty ParlorPeople and their pets are barking about a longtime Talent business getting new owners this past summer. Nick and Michelle Morton purchased the Barking Beauty Parlor in August, and are excited about getting to know the community and their customers’ pets.

“We know people treat their dogs like family, and we want to show the community that we’re going to treat their dogs like our own while they’re at the shop,” Michelle said. “People put a lot of trust in their dog groomer and we’ve enjoyed getting to know our clients.”

The couple moved to the area from South Lake Tahoe where Nick worked at Pawfection grooming salon following his completion of the Dog Grooming and First Aid Program at Animal Behavior College. Earlier this year, they began the search for a dog grooming salon to buy in Oregon, and soon found the listing for The Barking Beauty Parlor.

“We visited a couple grooming salons in Oregon and one in Washington,” Nick said. “What impressed us most about The Barking Beauty Parlor was how clean the shop is and how much the groomers cared about the dogs’ well-being.”

The Barking Beauty Parlor was first opened in 2003 by Keri Doucette. With an expanding clientele, the business grew, and Keri moved into the current building at 301 S. Wagner St. in 2012. With the sale of the business, she will be able to spend more time with her family and focus her creative talents on her animal sculptures.

Nick decided he wanted to become a dog groomer after working with a local shelter’s groomer as a dog bather. He learned that he could make a living and enhance each dog’s wellbeing by providing a much-needed service.

Since working in a shelter set Nick on the path to becoming a groomer, he continues to donate grooming to the Jackson County Animal Shelter in the hopes that a bath and haircut will help the dogs get adopted.

Michelle is a graphic artist and has experience in business management, so she’s acting as shop manager and created the shop’s website: She’s also managing the shop’s social media pages and sharing stories about dog grooming, dog training and some photos of local dogs with new haircuts.

The Barking Beauty Parlor is a full service dog grooming salon (sorry, no cats). “We have three different size tubs to accommodate any dog and allow our three groomers to work side by side,” Michelle continued. “Our drying room is separate from the grooming tables, which cuts down on a lot of noise and helps keep the dogs calm. We believe maintaining a relaxed, clean, bright and warm environment is the key to successful grooming sessions.

“We also believe in educating our clients so that they can assist in keeping their dogs clean and mat-free. Many people don’t know that mats can be extremely painful for dogs and can cause skin conditions to develop due to moisture being held in next to the skin. So regular grooming is especially important for their health and well-being.

“We always put the dogs’ safety and wellbeing first. We make sure to develop a relationship with each dog before we groom them so that they’ll be comfortable at the shop and on the grooming table. We teach puppies good grooming behaviors through positive reinforcement so that they’ll be comfortable with the grooming process when they’re adults.”

“We rescued two dogs that have extreme anxiety, so I know how traumatic a trip to the groomer is for some dogs,” Nick said. “We want to continue to provide a relaxed environment where the health and safety of your pet is our priority.”

They have three groomers working to ensure each clients’ dog gets individual attention and a great looking haircut. Elaine has been grooming for 20 years and worked with show dogs prior to coming to Ashland six years ago to work at the Barking Beauty Parlor. Hadassah has worked at the Barking Beauty Parlor for more than a year and has more than 20 years experience grooming both pets and show dogs both here and on the East Coast.

“Our goal is to create an environment that dogs feel comfortable in so that they’re happy to go to see their groomer,” Michelle said. “Generally, the dogs are not caged (except for a short time while they’re being dried) and they get to socialize while their waiting their turn on the groomer’s table. Smaller dogs that like to curl up on beds get to rest in playpens while they wait for their parents to come pick them up.”

They stagger the dogs’ drop off times between 8am and 9:30am so that the groomers can start bathing dogs as they arrive. After all the dogs are bathed and dried, the transformations begin. “We love seeing dogs go from having overgrown coats to being the tightly trimmed, soft, sweet smelling dogs their owner’s love,” Michelle said. “With the latest grooming software and a digital grooming gallery, it will be easy for pet owners to get the same cute cut every time.”
They also offer walk-in nail trims and can recommend grooming products and techniques that will help clients’ dogs stay clean and mat-free between grooms.

“Since we’re located on one of the busiest corners in Talent (across from Ray’s and the Downtowne Coffeehouse), we wanted to help enhance the aesthetic of the community by putting a spinning sunflower-like windmill in front of the shop. We hope everyone who passes by enjoys seeing it, and we welcome anyone who wants to bring their dog in for a treat.”
Please call 541-944-7456 for more information.