Oregon Strength

April 2018

Dave ThomasonFitness and training have been passions of Adam Eggertsen since his childhood. “I love it,” said the owner of Oregon Strength located 806 South Pacific Highway here in Talent. “Owning a gym is a dream come true. The community we have built up here is so incredible and inspiring…it’s awesome!

Adam grew up on Kauai, moving to southern Oregon to go to college in the fall of 2000. “This has been home ever since,” Adam said. “College was a wonderful experience—achieving a BS in Health and Fitness. Graduating college in 2003 was awesome and scary. Luckily I found work doing worksite health promotion, and then personal training.”

And now as owner of Oregon Strength, Adam has created a place where people who want to make the most out of life come to take care of their bodies. “Our community knows there are no shortcuts, and it may not be easy, yet they see the value in being strong and physically capable so they get in here and get on it.”

Oregon Strength offers small group classes and personal training, as well as yoga, weightlifting and strength foundations classes.
“We have an environment that fosters community and a sense camaraderie,” Adam continued. “When you come through the doors expect to be recognized and accepted as the individual you are, your current state of fitness and the past experiences that lead up to it. Expect that you will move forward safely, with support and gentle push when necessary.

“What really makes Oregon Strength unique lies in the AWESOME people who train here. Our community continually blows me away because it is so amazing. We all want to make the best out of life. There are challenges, yet we don’t shy away, together we meet those challenges.”

They also have regular free workshops. You can follow them on Facebook for updates on what’s up and coming.
Oregon Strength is located at 806 South Pacific Highway in Talent. Call (541)890-3068 for more information.