Staying Ahead of the Hemp Curve with Sovereign Fields

May 2020

Countryside Village RetirementWhen it comes to the burgeoning hemp industry, getting a corner on the best high-CBD strains possible would help land you at the forefront of the market. And that is exactly what Eric Foster and Ryan Davidson of Sovereign Fields think they have done.

“Over a decade ago, a close-knit group of friends with roots in California’s Humboldt County identified parent plants with elite genetics,” Eric said. “In 2016 Ryan and I identified Southern Oregon’s ideal climate and growing conditions for hemp and founded Sovereign Fields in 2019. The region has also been a haven for our friends, peers and mentors.”

The quest to develop the industry’s best high-CBD strains led Sovereign Fields in 2009 to form an exclusive European partnership based on cutting-edge technology. Science-based breeding put Sovereign Fields ahead of the curve and strategically positioned them for North American expansion once legal and social progress paved the way.

“Derived from boutique strains, Sovereign Fields’ genetics are flavor-driven with designer terpene profiles,” Ryan said. “Our company scientists also accentuate many of the plant’s medicinal properties that other breeders had not explored. The resulting strains—Kush Hemp E1, Hemptonic and Remedy x Kush Hemp—are rigorously tested to exceed the market’s demand for consistency.”

The company farms 40 acres of sun-grown hemp and cultivates several greenhouse acres.

“Spreading gold-standard, feminized hemp seed among the region’s Rogue, Illinois and Applegate Valleys, we empower farmers to produce high-quality biomass for discerning clients worldwide,” Eric said. “In addition to farming and seed production, we are slowly expanding our brand to include packaged goods which will launch this June. The product line with evolve over the next 18-24 months. We believe in burning ‘slow and steady.’ Launching quality products will be an unhurried process focused on remaining loyal to our brand image, customer base, industry sector, and getting the product just right!”

Sovereign Fields is a family-owned, operated and privately held company. “Whether related by blood or by choice, we are bound together beyond our business,” Ryan said. “Our commitment to each other is what holds our business together. Our clients and customers can expect the highest quality of products. Our name is synonymous with superior, so we expect nothing less than offering the best quality to whomever our client or customer might be.”
Their mission statement: “Sovereign Fields empowers farmers by developing elite plant genetics and producing world-class, feminized hemp seed. Now offering consultation.”

For more information, the phone number is 541-631-6145 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Website: