July 2015

South Beach Outfitters Surf Shop

South Beach Outfitters

Here in the Rogue Valley, surrounded by vast forests saturated with hiking and biking trails, world-class whitewater and fishing rivers, and a plentitude of mountain tops to ascend, it is oddly easy for the outdoor enthusiast to forget that the largest ocean in the world is but a two-hour drive away. And the adventure starts before you even get there. The beautiful drive along one of the nation's longest wild and scenic rivers (the Smith River) is punctuated by the tallest trees on earth located in Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park.
After a jaw-dropping hike through the redwoods, your quest to the ocean is only a few more minutes down the road to Crescent City, CA, home of South Beach Outfitters Surf Shop, conveniently located on the jetty at the north end South Beach. Easily accessible from Highway 101, the beach spands several miles to the south, and the sandy bottom creates a beach break that, when the conditions are right, offers excellent surfing for all levels.
And if you'd like to give surfing a try, you need to go see Joni Baugh, owner of South Beach Outfitters. She opened the surf shop in May of 2003 after moving to the coast from Sunny Valley, OR. And after a decade in business, South Beach Outfitters is the hub of the local surf scene, and it's the place to go if you're a beginner and want to get your surfing career started.
"If you are new to surfing or visiting, we can rent you all the equipment you need to get into the ocean," Joni said. "It's just a short walk to the beach; and we're glad to give you a short verbal 'How to Surf' overview for free! We're a family business and we take pride in providing quality customer service," Joni added.
In addition to rentals, she offers a large variety of reasonably priced surfboards, wetsuits, booties, surf accessories, body boards, hoodies, t-shirts, board shorts, kites, windsocks, wind chimes, jewelry, beach toys, sandals and lots more.
She also sells Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee by the bag or cup.
See you in the water!
South Beach Outfitters is located at 128 Anchor Way in Crescent City, CA. Call (707) 464-2963 for more information.