October 2015

After 25 years at current location, Video Quick has a new home

Video Quick

Video Quick has been at the current location on the corner of Hwy 99 and Valley View Rd. for over 25 years. But as of Monday, October 26, it will have a new home at 100 W. Valley View Rd.

Danielle Bell has been working there for nearly ten years, and is now the proud owner of the shop.

Below is an interview with Danielle. We encourage you to stop by and check out the new location (on October 26 or after)…and to keep supporting local businesses here in Talent.

What inspired the change of location?
The stars aligned with my wish to be closer to the heart of downtown life.
Describe your business:
To simply say “we’re a video store” would be to minimize what we are. Yes, we rent and sell DVDs and Blu-rays, but what we truly bring with us as individual team members is what really makes us the video store!

What can customers/clients expect?
At Video Quick, we pride ourselves on knowing our business: we work hard to stay up to date on your favorite films, latest Hollywood projects, and getting the answers to your most mind-boggling movie questions. We welcome community feedback in areas in which we may improve our services and look forward to finding new ways to bring back the experience of visiting the video store!

What other services or products do you offer your customers?

  • A knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff.
  • DVD and Bluray rentals/sales.
  • Basic electronic troubleshooting.
  • The best customer greeter in the Rogue Valley: Maximus, reigning Majesty and bane of the canine community!

What’s your background in this type of business, and what motivated you to open the business or follow this career:
I have wandered the west coast the whole of my life, but when I landed in Talent ten years ago, I felt as though I had finally come home. When I came to work for my parents at Video Quick, I found a place that brought my passion for both movies and customer service to a new level. As the years flew by, I found myself navigating the ever-changing currents of the entertainment and technological industries with an adaptive eye always toward the unique needs of my customers as they arose. There have been some tremendous events: the phasing out of VHS, the “Red vs. Blue” tech war of HD DVD and Blu-ray; the Writer’s strike of 2007-08; and the emergence of 3D home theaters. The future of home video and films promises to continue to be challenging and thrilling in equal measures, and we are excited to be a part of it!

How long have you been working at Video Quick?
This January will mark ten fantastic years serving the Talent community as their “video girl” and general fountain of Hollywood information.

How long has this deal been in the works?
While the eventuality of my ownership has been discussed for several years, it wasn’t until I graduated from Rogue Community College that heralded this as the year my apprenticeship changed tracks to accommodate my new role.

What excites you the most about this transition?
There is no single thing that has me excited- all of it has had me in a constant state of “Woohoo”!

Anything new and exciting at the new location?
So many wonderful things are in development for the new location, but for now the transition of ownership and the change of scenery will keep us quite busy for the next few months. But be assured that Talent News and Review will be our first stop for breaking news!

Will your hours be the same?
It is my hope to extend the hours to include earlier opening times to accommodate the downtown location, allowing for earlier walk-ins and service times.

How do you think Maximus will handle this change?
Probably with all the grace of a feline monarch: equal parts outrage and curiosity! Our customers will just need to come by more often so that he knows they are still the same, even if his walls have changed!

For more information, please call (541) 535-5941.