The Cheerful Vet

January 2018

The Cheerful VetThe philosophy at The Cheerful Vet is simple: “There is no alternative medicine; there is medicine that works and medicine that does not.”

The reason John and Anette Heaslet opened The Cheerful Vet is also simple: for the love of animals and animal rights.
The Cheerful Vet veterinary services including vaccines, dentals, blood work and wound care as well as alternative treatments such as acupuncture and CBD oils.

“Your pet can expect a liberal supply of chin rubs, a fresh bowl of water and even a soft blanket if they want it,” John said. “Our staff treats every pet as their own.”

In addition to the vet services, they also carry pet supplies such as flea medication, toys, probiotics, healthy treats, leashes, dental treats, joint supplements, quality pet foods and calming treats.

“Our staff listens; and we won’t automatically advise the use of heavy pharmaceuticals for curing your pet,” John continued. “While these are often necessary, and we have a complete pharmacy in the back, we often advise alternatives, cheaper, healthier alternatives, such as CBD treats, a certain type of toy for stress, probiotics for diarrhea, or minor dietary changes for other problems. Even curing a cat’s acne can be as simple as changing the water bowl.”

When they use regular pharmaceuticals, they choose medications that will be most effective with the least amount of side effects. “We’ll choose the ones with the best reputation, are the easiest to administer and easiest on the pet.”

And at The Cheerful Vet they don’t kennel dogs. “Barking dogs can be stressful for other pets,” John explained. “Pets do well with their owners. We perform most care right in front of the client, not in some ‘secret back room.’ Low stress, caring and effective medicine is what we are all about.”

If surgery is needed, patients can count on being treated like royalty at The Cheerful Vet. “On the day of a surgery, pet owners stay with their dog while he gets sleepy, and they’re with him while he recovers. Patients always go home the same day. The same option is available for cats.”

The Cheerful Vet is now located in the Shoppes at Exit 24 in Phoenix, Suite L.

For more information, please call (541) 482-6636.