Vintage Trailer Land Repair, Renovation & Repurposing

May 2018

Vintage Trailer LandWhen Paul and Chrisanna Wesner bought a 1970 Aloha Travel Trailer sixteen years ago, they didn’t realize it would eventually lead them to opening their own travel trailer repair and restoration business someday.
“We bought the trailer as a practical way for our large family to camp,” Paul said. “We have four children (ages at that time: 2, 4, 6, 8), and have also had many foster children. To us, it was about practicality. That was before it was ‘way cool’ to own a vintage travel trailer. We loved that our 15’ trailer was close to its original condition, and were proud in the early years to adorn our Aloha with grass matts, string lights, and plywood palm trees.”
Through the years, they found themselves fixing and improving, eventually re-painting the interior (pale yellow) and polishing the exterior skin to a mirror shine.
In 2014 the Wesner’s daughter, Olivia, joined Youth With A Mission, and needed to raise funds. Paul came across a classified ad for a 1965 Aloha that he believed he could fix up and sell for a profit. “Once we did that, we were hooked,” Paul said. “We found more of them, and loved fixing vintage trailers and re-homing to new families to enjoy. It also fit well with our family’s love of classic cars, collectibles, and the desire to restore and repurpose old things.”
But this was all just a hobby. Paul worked full time as General Manager for two home service businesses for a combined 20 years. “It’s difficult to put all your energy, heart and soul into someone else’s business, just to have them walk in one day and let you go,” Paul said. “So I decided it was time to turn our hobby into a business.”
The timing certainly was right. This year there will be more than 100 vintage trailer rallies in North America alone. There is an industry magazine dedicated to the trade, and popularity is at an all-time high.
Vintage Trailer Land repairs, improves, renovates, and repurposes vintage travel trailers. They offer most services from full restorations to small repairs.
“When working on vintage trailers you can expect adventure!” jokes Nathan Henry, Lead Technician. “But seriously, they are unique in that there were so many brands made all over the country, and they all used different assembly methods and various parts. Compare that to classic cars where there were limited manufacturers and most parts are still available.”
Paul adds, “We believe it’s very important for our team to carefully understand our customer’s desires. For instance, one vintage owner may want reproduction ‘wedding cake’ tail lights, another chooses more modern replacements. It’s all in style choice. So, depending on the project, we may give a bid or charge by labor and materials. Regardless, customers can always expect honesty, transparency, and consistent communication throughout the project.”
They also specialize in weatherizing (seal against leaks), window guard/awning replacement, painting, pre-purchase inspection, value estimates and opinions. They also re-purpose trailers for food carts or other traveling stores, “and probably a hundred more things regarding vintage trailers I can’t think of right now, so just pick up the phone and call,” Paul said.
“I think we learn something new every day. That makes it both fun and challenging.
“Vintage trailers are a true piece of Americana, causing people to reminisce of yesteryear. Trailers were mass produced in the post-WWII era, rolling out vast numbers of these little homes that Americans could pull behind their vehicle. They were affordable for the average family, created memories, and were sure a lot more comfortable than tent camping. Perhaps these are still the reasons why owning one nowadays is an increasingly retro craze!”
To learn more, please call Paul at 541-944-7541 or visit them online at