I looooove the Medford Sneak Preview! I like reading the interviews and the advertisments. I especially like the hunt for Mr. Super Pickle! I usually don't read newspapers, but I will read the Medford Sneak Preview with delight!
Baylee H., Medford

We love to advertise in the Sneak Preview. Our customers always comment to us that they saw our ad and that is how they knew about our specials. Advertising each month keeps us connected with our customers and shows our support to our community.
Jackie, Human Bean

I love the Sneak Preview, it is a locally owned family business that reaches into the homes of many of my customers, and unlike a daily paper the monthly issues tend to lay around the house, being read all month long.
Scott Kieth, Northwest Outdoor Store

I had never heard of Morrton's Pizza until I received this month's Sneak Preview. This is why I look forward to receiving it each month! It's always informative and has great articles about local businesses in Medford.
Carol W., Medford

We have been advertising in the Medford Sneak Preview since the very first edition. We really appreciate Nathaniel and Kasey's commitment to publishing a high quality entertainment guide with unique local content that you can't get anywhere else. The Sneak Preview is a great way to reach everyone in Medford on a monthly basis, and at a price that local small businesses can afford. Thanks Sneak Preview and keep up the good work!
Ryan & Zoe Lehmann, Mongolian BBQ & Cicily's Pastaria & Grill

The Sneak Preview is one of the best ways to advertise. It's great looking and includes thought out articles and advertisements. Plus the circulation is outstanding! It has helped me build a successful business. I always let people know about the value of advertising in your paper.
John Paul Vineyard, Escape Salon

I love reading through this magazine. I look forward to receiving it every month.
Beatrice T., Medford

Love the Talent News and Review, so much fun to read about good news happening in town with people I know and love!
Kathy M., Talent

Our family appreciates the Medford Sneak Preview!! There is always something for us in every issue. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Faith A.

Love your emphasis on local business.
Adrienne F.

Enjoy your paper especially articles on new business owners.
Kim W.

I love the sneak preview! Thanks for letting me know about the great events coming up in Medford!
Heather L.

I LOVE your paper!
Randall H.

I know this sounds crazy, but I wait for Mr. Super Pickle every month!
Jill B., Medford

We just moved to Talent this week - so fun to receive your publication in our mailbox. It felt very welcoming.
Kathy D., Talent

This is fun...i always love getting these in the mail for all the places and discounts.
Toni V., Medford

Thanks for making your ads fun to look through for MSP!
Joe B.

I love hunting for Mr. Pickle. My husband and I always shout "hurrah" when I find him.
Patty D., Medford

I look forward to receiving the Sneak Preview each month. Lots of helpful information regarding local businesses.
Carol W., Medford

I enjoy the whole paper.
Ruth D., Medford

Nice updates on local news.
Jo P., Medford

Look forward to getting the Medford Sneak Preview every month. Good job.
Dave M., Medford

I enjoy the variety off reading on what is taking place in the rouge valley.
Gwenn O., Medford

I enjoy each month looking over all the ads and especially the front page story and John Statler.
John G., Medford

Love the challenge of finding Mr. Pickle every month you have this contest! Keeps my brain sharp!
Carol J., Medford

My husband and I always enjoy looking for Mr. Pickle. It's a contest to see who can find him the fastest. Sure makes us look at all the ads!!
Bonnie W.

Medford Sneak Preview is a very informative paper. Keep up the good work and thank you.
Leonard M., Medford

When I receive my sneak peak in the mail the first thing I always do is search for Mr. Super Pickle! :)
Liz H., Medford

I really enjoy the Sneak Preview - I check out each and every page (oh,and not just for Mr. Super Pickle) - thanks!
Jamie S., Medford

I look forward to receiving your publication, which I enjoy very much.
Marie H., Medford

Thank you for keeping us informed on what's happening in and around Medford.
Debbie D., Medford

It's great to get this in the mail to see upcoming events. Thank you!
Shari K., Medford

Thank you. I love all issues of the Sneak.
Gigi L., Medford

Wish you came out more than once a month!
Linda B., Medford

I enjoy your paper, and find your calendar of events useful.
Mark B., Medford

I really enjoy your articles. It's good for the community when you do nice stories on business owners.
Karen K., Medford

I love the Medford Sneak Preview. I always read it from cover to cover every month. Thank you for doing it.
Lorene G., Medford

Enjoy the info on restaurants and local events.
Glenn P., Medford

I look forward to the Medford Sneak Preview every month. I learn so much about businesses in the valley....thank you!
Carol W.

Informative newsletter, I read it thoroughly every month!
Shari K., Medford

Thanks for providing great info on upcoming local events and local businesses.
Glenn P., Medford

I enjoy eyeballing your papers. Still nice to have this type of media in production.
Tyler R., Medford

Always a great paper to read.
Lorrie B., Medford

Look forward to reading the publication, great read!!
Lisa W., Medford

Thanks for putting out a fun, informative magazine!
Lyn E.

It's fun to look for Mr. Pickle. and your paper is great very informative. Thank you.
Barbara M., Medford

I love the Sneak Preview, and I always look for Mr. Pickle, I always found him but never enter the contest until today! :)
Josefina S., Medford

I love the Talent News and Review!
Brent W., Talent

thank you for being in Talent and sharing our community spirit!
Marie M., Talent

The Monkey (who's really an ape) and the letter from Chief Mike (who is also an ape, technically) are my favorite parts of this periodical. Thank you!
Meghan B., Talent

Love the TNR!!! Gets better with every issue,
Debi R., Talent

Nice review this month. Enjoy reading about the new businesses in town. I just received my business license in town and hope to see you for an interview/profile soon! :)
Paul F., Talent

I really enjoy your newspaper--it has more interesting and local news than any other area publication. Keep up the good work!!
Pat S., Talent

Enjoy reading cover to cover.
Lavene F., Talent

Love your paper--keep up the good work!!!
Pat S., Talent

I really liked the story on video quick and I will continue to rent movies and tv shows from them rather than a chain store!!! :)
Dominique R., Talent

How else would I get the Talent news if not for you?
Carolan D., Talent